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Ski-dooing in Rural Newfoundland…

Da' Yammie, Conche, NL

Buddy Wasisname, a Canadian Comedian born in Newfoundland & Labrador has been known to tell jokes, especially about “Da Yammie”.  
Buddy Wasisname: You knows what a Yammie is? Ah? What? You don’t what a Yammie is? A Ski-doo with a Yahama sticker on ‘er.
To many rural Newfoundlanders & Labradorians they love the winter activity of ski-dooing. It is one of those brands that super-cedes the term of being referred to as snowmobiling. It is up there with brands like “Scotch Tape“, “Kleenex” and “Windex“.  
When visiting Conche, I saw this Yahama Bravo taking in the view of the harbour as the owner had last left it there. My father always loved his Bravo. He used it to haul wood and take him for many rides in the woods.  My sister can certainly remember going around the house on Da Yammie. I was much younger, but certainly remember my father taking me with him at times for rides in the woods, sometimes where he was rabbit snaring. He would even show me how to tail a slip. Those are good memories.

Ski-dooing in Bide-Arm

A visit to Bide-Arm also demonstrated that many people use their ski-doos, as the tracks were well-marked. As I write this, there are children outside on ski-doo, towing others on GTs. We had fun buzzing around the houses in the community. Sometimes we would even do the same,  throw snowballs or take a ride in the woods. There is nothing like ice-fishing on the pond or having a boil-up using pond water to make a cup of Tea. To date I have not found a better place to enjoy a cup of tea than at the cabin.
Although we are into the Spring season, there is lots of snow in Northern Newfoundland. For those who enjoy ski-dooing, there is still an opportunity to enjoy the countryside.
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Christopher Mitchelmore

In & Around Belfast City, Northern Ireland

When I think of my two visits to Belfast I often re-call and probably sang more than I should have the lyrics of Black Velvet Band:

City Center, Belfast

Her eyes they shone like the diamonds You’d think she was queen of the land
And her hair hung over her shoulder
Tied up with a black velvet band.
In a neat little town they call Belfast
Apprenticed to trade I was bound
And many an hour’s sweet happiness
I spent in that neat little town.
Till bad misfortune came o’er me
That caused me to stray from the land
Far away from my friends and relations
To follow the black velvet band.

Opera House

 We arrived in Belfast late Thursday night, checked-in and found a grand pub to get some really good grub. They even had a fire lit and a Celtic musician playing some tunes for the patrons. We had a couple of beers at the pub before calling it a night.

Belfast Christmas Market at City Center

An early morning led us to the City Center, where we decided we would do some shopping.

The City Center boasts excellent shopping. I remember in December 2007, touring the booths at the Christmas market. In 2010, during mid-November they were just getting set-up outside of the City Hall Building. I managed to purchase a jacket and lots of clothing, as well as a couple of sweaters for my sister as a Christmas present.

The Crown Bar

Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland and the second largest city of the island of Ireland. It has significant infrastructure and an inviting waterfront. We enjoyed a healthy lunch before taking a ride in the Hyundai Getz to the North to see the Giant’s Causeway.
We had a tight schedule as we had to arrive in Dublin later Friday night as we were meeting our final friend joining us for the vacation.
I enjoy the countryside of Ireland immensely. It reminds me of the beautiful scenery that is comparable in rural Newfoundland. However, there
are some vast differences as well, including the unique trees at roadside.

Trees at roadside to Giant's Causeway

Combining urban and rural regions while on vacation can really create a unique travel experience.
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