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Living Rocks Found Here on OUR ROCK!

June 27, 2010

As I continued my rural vacation driving Route 430 overlooking the marvellous Strait of Belle Isle, I make a stopover at the Town of Flower’s Cove. 

Marjorie Bridge and walking trail lead to micro-organisms that resemble the earliest forms of life on earth. Thrombolites or “Living Rocks” were the only known form of life from 3.5 Billion to 650 Million years ago.


 These magnificant bun shaped rock structures are simply amazing. One can take the time out to have a lovely picnic. The walk is just a quite 20 minutes and certainly worth the visit. If you are a resident and haven’t taken the time to check out this worldly wonder in our backyard, please do so. Thrombolites are very rare, one other place they are found is Western Australia. The Town of Flower’s Cove has developed panels and other walking trails to inform locals and those visiting the vast ecological, botanical and geological findings stemming from the Limestone Barrens.

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