Our Traditional Art

Not every piece of art...hangs on a wall

A few days ago my mother had called me to note that a neighbour had just hung a set of flannel sheets with a layer of stripes on the ends. She stated, “you do not see these sheets as much anymore, but they were mainstays of households in years gone by”. I took the opportunity to capture a quick photo.

This image made me think about the Newfoundland & Labrador tourism commercial which shows traditional architecture, scenic beauty and handmade quilts hanging on a line with a Newfoundland pony, overlooking the brave Atlantic.

The sun is setting...

Rural Newfoundland & Labrador is filled with endless opportunities to capture living artwork or just take a moment to breathe it in for just a little while.

Live Rural NL – CCM

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About Live Rural NL

I am a youth living in rural Newfoundland & Labrador that will share stories of culture, tradition, heritage, business, travel, geography and other posts relating to any rural. I completed a Bachelor of Commerce Hons. (Coop) degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland & Labrador. I currently live and work on the Great Northern Peninsula, where I was born and raised. However, I have lived and worked internationally and travelled to more than 70 countries around the globe. On October 11, 2011 I was elected the youngest Member to Represent the people of the Straits -White Bay North in the Provincial Legislature of Newfoundland & Labrador.

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