NDP nominations close in Humber Valley, Burin–Placentia West and The Straits–White Bay North

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July 21, 2011

NDP nominations close in Humber Valley, Burin–Placentia West and The Straits–White Bay North

NDP vice-president Kathleen Connors is pleased to announce the close of nominations in the provincial districts of Humber Valley, Burin–Placentia West and The Straits–White Bay North for the provincial election to be held in October.

Sheldon Hynes has been nominated in Humber Valley. Julie Mitchell will return to Burin–Placentia West for the general election and Christopher Mitchelmore will represent the New Democrats of The Straits–White Bay North.

“I am very pleased to announce these three excellent candidates for the provincial election this fall,” says Connors. “Each brings a wealth of experience and expertise and will be valuable members of a very strong team of New Democratic candidates in October.”

Hynes says, “I am very pleased to be a part of the surge in NDP support in the province, and look forward to representing the people of Humber Valley.”

Mitchell accepted the nomination in Burin–Placentia West saying, “The District of Burin–Placentia West is rich because of its culture, its resources and most of all – its people. My ambition is to work hard so that Burin–Placentia West can realize the prosperity those riches should logically bring.”

On the close of nominations Mitchelmore was ready to hit the campaign trail. “I am honoured to carry the NDP banner and be a part of a unified team,” says Mitchelmore. “The current Government has not given the care and attention needed in The District of The Straits–White Bay North. NDP representation would bring the people’s voice to the House of Assembly. We will work to implement changes needed to stimulate community and business development in the region.”

Kathleen Connors says the team of candidates nominated for October’s election continues to grow and she is impressed with the caliber of those seeking election under the New Democratic banner. Newfoundland and Labrador can expect nomination deadlines in other districts to follow in the coming weeks.

“I am looking forward to a very exciting election this fall. New Democrats are on the move and I invite everyone to join us and participate in the political sea change that is taking place across Newfoundland and Labrador.”

“We have 14 great candidates nominated and there are many more to come.”


Kathleen Connors, Party Vice President, 335-2493:  k.connors@nf.sympatico.ca

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