The View from the Nuddick, Raleigh, NL

What in the world is a Nuddick?

The term Nuddick relates to a specific land feature, in the form of a “hillock” (small hill or a mound), generally with a level top of sufficient space for a house or small garden.

This Nuddick was almost home to the new cellular tower, but the provider changed the location and the region has been enjoying service since early 2020!

The Nuddick Trail in Raleigh at the very top has a wonderful lookout and gives you a panoramic view of Raleigh and the Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve.

In July of 2020, my mom and I decided we would take the short one kilometre return trail to the top to reach the lookout and enjoy the views. It will only take about 20 minutes to make a return trip but you could easily spend a lot more time at the top and there is a picnic table there if you wish to sit and have a snack. There are some steep inclines, but there are benches along the trail to rest.

Raleigh is truly breathtaking and you will enjoy the forest and nature along the route. At the Nuddick viewing area you can often see icebergs in season. The view of Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve is impressive, showcasing the sheer size of the landmass. Burnt Cape is home to one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most important botanical sites, which has more than 300 plant species and 30 of them considered rare. The Burnt Cape Cinquefoil is found in no other location in the world. For decades this Cape has been drawing people from all over the world to visit. The Cape also has a Big Oven, Little Oven and Cannon Holes that are natural carvings formed by the ocean, erosion and other natural wonders. You could spend days exploring the Cape.

Finding Nuddick Trail – first take Route 430 North to St. Anthony and turn off at Route 436 to L’anse aux Meadows. You will then take Route 437 to Raleigh which is about 13 KM. As you enter Raleigh you will take Ship Cove road to the right and about 1 KM or so you will see a trail head sign that will take you to the route.

When in the area of Raleigh, explore the Burnt Cape and also visit Ship Cove to Find Album Rock and trek Trina’s Trail. These are truly gems of the Great Northern Pen!

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