Endangered Long’s Braya Finds Home in Sandy Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula

The Sandy Cove Ecological Reserve is found wedged between the communities of Savage Cove and Sandy Cove along the limestone barrens along the coast of the Strait of Belle Isle.

This Reserve protects a small endangered plant, called the Long’s Braya. This species is found nowhere else in the world with the exception of a few other limestone barrens locations along the Great Northern Peninsula.

There are a number of flowers, berries, mushrooms and vistas of Labrador as you have to carefully visit this reserve. People are asked not visit the Reserve when soil conditions are wet as there is increased risk of damaging critical Braya habitat. Of people have questions they may wish to write NaturalAreas@gov.nl.ca.

Sandy Cove Ecological Reserve offers another rare plant life experience on the Great Northern Peninsula.

For a listing of more than 80 trails and lookouts click here.

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Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. Were the Long’s Braya relocated to this location or are they native to this area? I know there were several attempts to grow this species in a laboratory and transplant to other locations that did not succeed.

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