Gros Morne-Ingornachoix Region

  1. For Your Two Cents .Does ANYBODY at City Hall know what the hell they are doing? Here’s two examples that show they don’t.Stupid Thing #1. About 2 weeks ago the steret sweeper went down my road. Days later the sidewalk sweeper went down the sidewalk tossing large amounts of dirt out onto the steret, totally negating the steret sweepers work. Of course the steret sweeper has not been back since to clean the mess THE CITY made themselves!!Super Stupid Thing #2. This morning in the midst of the City’s call to duty to conserve water, first thing in the morning, blocking a lane of traffic leaving Kilbride during rush hour (which is bad enough leaving Kilbride in the mornings now due to the Pitts Memorial work), the City has a bunch of yahoos, not sweeping mind you but pressure washing the sidewalk on the bridge over Waterford Bridge Rd. Seriously? This has to be pressure washed??? This had to be done right at the peak of traffic in the morning???? Absolutely CLUELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

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