Food Features


Grandma Pearl's Raisin Tea Buns
Perfect with a cup of Tetley or Dark Tickle Teas
Iceberg Martini
A ruby red partridgeberry with 10,000 year old iceberg ice.

Taste: Shaken with Vodka, Vermouth and a Splash of Cranberry. Served with wild partridgeberries and 10,000 year old iceberg ice. Enjoy!

Newfoundland Bakapple & Cherry Cheesecake
A delicious cheesecake served with locally picked bakeapples
Homemade Baked Bread
Freshly baked bread made by Grandmother Pearl is a delicacy!
Fisherman's Brewis & Mustard Pickles
Salted cod fish, scrunchions, hard tack served up with homemade mustard pickles is delicious!
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