Recipes From Grandma Pearl – Raisin Buns

I stand by the fact that my Grandmother Pearl is a wonderful baker. One of the enjoyable baked goods I love is a good raisin bun with a cup of tea. This makes for a quick breakfast or a nice snack at break time.


Directions –

Mix all dry ingredients together except custard powder. Add to milk. Add butter to dry ingredients and beat eggs. Add to dry mixture. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. Yields approximately 2 1/2 dozen buns.

Molasses Buns & Tea`

Now you have the opportunity to make your own. If you would rather purchase this traditional foodstuff, you can stop by the Gros Morne Resort Gas Bar, St. Paul’s, NL. They sell a limited selection of baked bread, buns and rolls.  Six raisin buns sell for a low price of $2.99 or twelve for $5.00.

Live Rural NL –
Christopher C. Mitchelmore


  1. Hi Jen! Thanks for reading my blog. Hope you enjoy my grandma’s raisin bun recipe. I certainly do! I am sure your mom’s is a great recipe as well. Cheers

  2. Just can’t quite understand the instructions ??? When do you add the butter ? To the dry ingredients? Do the eggs, vanilla and milk get mixed together, then added to the dry ingredients also? How bout the raisins, When are they added ? … Have never made raisin buns !!!

  3. Add the custard powder to the milk with the vanilla as well. Mix all the dry ingredients together with the butter until mixed well. Than add the milk mixture to the dry ingredients with the rasins and mix well.

  4. Instructions need to be defined, I would add all dry ingredients, beat eggs & add to milk & vanilla & then add to the dry ingredients & raisins, mix, press dough out gently & use biscuit cutter to cut biscuits.

  5. Poorly written recipe, for people who have never made these before, nothing about rolling it out and cutting circles , not everyone is for nfld who would like to enjoy these

  6. Do you melt the butter? Do you cut it in to the flour while cold to make it crumbly, like making a flaky scone or pastry? Do you use the butter at room temperature? I like the idea of custard powder. It must make it light and rich tasting.

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