“Old Sayings”…

“There’s no back doors about him” – He is outspoken.

“You got’er scald” –  You have things just like you want them.

How’s yer boots? – (How are you?) – [Note: This is my own personal creation]

A Newfoundlander giving advice on picking blueberries: “Don’t pick the red ones, they’re green.” – (green meaning not ripe.)

Owshegettinonb’ys – (How is she getting on…or how is she doing?)


    1. I’m glad someone else uses it as well. Lately, I heard it in a buddy wazisname song “Is you ‘appy?” Although, wherever I use this expression, no one seems to understand what I am asking.

  1. It’s also used more frequently in their song “Gas ‘N Oil” from 1986.
    Sometimes these things seep into the back of our heads, til you forget where they came from!

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