Calling all Mummers….Mummers Walk & Food Drive December 29, 2010

A Rural Revival of Tradition is happening on the Great Northern Peninsula this holiday season. On of the most talked about and beloved traditions that brings forth many childhood memories are those of Christmas Mummering.

This year we have decided to focus on the tradition in a communal gathering on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 to engage in the activity of Mummering!

Christmas Mummers - Marge Collection
We’re calling all Mummers…        

  Come lovely mummers don’t bother the rain we want to see “big ones and small ones, tall ones and thin, boys dressed as women and girls dressed as men, with humps on your backs and mitts on your feet…”

Date: Wednesday, December 29th

Start Time:  2:00pm

Location: Flower’s Cove Lions Club


We are inviting everyone to dress up and revive the tradition of Mummering in Rural Newfoundland by participating in a mummer’s walk (children, teens and adults). Refreshments and cookies served.FOOD DRIVE

In partnership with the Straits Food Sharing Association, we ask if possible to bring a non-perishable food item. Food items or donations can be dropped off during the “Rig Up” at the Flower’s Cove Lions Club prior to the parade beginning at 2:00pm. Also, food-bank mummers will be collecting donations during the Walk.!


Make tonight the official revival of rural Mummering. So when you leave

the Mummer’s walk, keep the tradition alive with friends by knocking on

some doors and asking if

“Any mummers ‘lowed in?” and dance the night away..




Please Mummer Responsibly! Enjoy


Contact Info:

Sabrina Gaulton                                           Christopher Mitchelmore       


Visit for Mummer updates!

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