Could the Harp be the Next Tourist Attraction?

 On September 17th, 2012 I had visited VIKIN Maritime Museum situated on the waterfront of the old harbour in Reykjavik, Iceland. It had impressive displays of boats, engines, gear and equipment. Exhibits outlines the process of drying cod-fish on flakes and lines, as well as the transition to on land processing of fresh and frozen product.
Maritime Museum – Reykjavik, Iceland

Beyond taking one through the life, household and culture of the fisher – history came to life with a depiction and video of the cod wars. A dock was designed to highlight important transportation links the waterways presented. This museum had a lot to offer its visitors and I was more than satisfied to pay the $8 admission. I did not realize when I bought entrance that I would also get a tour of the de-commissioned coastguard ship ODINN. It was an unexpected treat! The tour guide had studied history and was extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter and exhibited much interest in his work.

ODINN – De-commissioned Icelandic Coastguard Vessel

From on deck to below we toured got to see the sleeping quarters, engine room, galley and more.

We got to sit in the Captain’s Chair

I realized that in Newfoundland & Labrador with our rich and vibrant fishing history and dependency on the ocean that we do not have a dedicated Maritime Museum of this nature. We have some elements of fishing villages in the Town of Raleigh, Broom Point in Gros Morne National Park has an interpretative fishing exhibit, there are other museums with elements of the fishery, Maritime Archives at Memorial and of course The Rooms. We may have an untapped opportunity to present something similar to this offering. The announced decommissioning of the Canadian Coastguard vessel the Harp may allow for tours in the Town of St. Anthony or other port.

Why not consider the Harp as the next tourist attraction?

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Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North


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