Exciting Times Stem from Eddie’s Cove East Come Home Year



Eddies Cove East is a tiny community on the Great Northern Peninsula. It has 33 dwellings and about 70 residents that call this place home on a permanent basis. As a fishing community, it has seen recent upgrades to their wharf facility through the small craft harbours program. Additionally, it was announced just weeks ago that this community will see telecommunication advancements with the install of broadband Internet from Bell Aliant. These enhancements will help maintain the community that is nestled just 20 minutes from Flower’s Cove, the regions local service centre, 45 minutes from St. Anthony and about 15 minutes from the St. Anthony airport. 

This summer there was an incredible undertaking by a small number of dedicated community leaders to host the first ever Come Home Year. After close to two years of planning, fundraising, expanding their building and organizing for the event, the celebration kicked off from August 13-17th, 2014. Close to 200 people had registered, ballooning the population by 300%.

It was a pleasure to watch the parade as families strutted behind the banner of their family names. The opening ceremonies consisted of greetings from local resident and former educator, Mr. Gerald Coates (he taught me Grade 6); Olga Walsh, Committee Chairperson & myself, as area MHA. The cake cutting included two of the oldest residents, Walt Williams and Blanche Coates.  Following all the formalities there was food for everyone to enjoy and an evening of dance. The schedule included games, teddy bear picnics, cards, bingo, dances, dinners, visits from Santa, memorial services, fire works and more. As well, the weather could not have been better throughout the week.

Community really comes together with the planning and hosting of such an event and a big thank you must go out to the committee as they dedicated countless hours to make it all possible. As well, kudos to all who returned to your hometown and others who have/had a connection to the community. Your support has help create a unique experience, share memories and stories with old friends, but to also make new memories. 

There is incredible social and economic value that stem from Come Home Year Celebrations. Since 2011, Sandy Cove, Shoal Cove East, Great Brehat & Englee (2011), St. Anthony, St. Lunaire-Griquet, Gunner’s Cove, Main Brook, Anchor Point & Deadman’s Cove (2012), Roddickton, Conche & Savage Cove (2013), Eddies Cove East (2014) have hosted Come Home Year Celebrations in The Straits-White Bay North. Flower’s Cove and Nameless Cove may have gotten things started in 1999, and many others have since follow with more planned.

In 2015:

  • St. Anthony
  • St. Anthony Bight
  • L’Anse aux Meadows, Straitsview, Hay Cove, Noddy Bay & Quirpon
  • Grandois-St. Julien’s

In 2016:

  • Green Island Cove & Pine’s Cove
  • Bear Cove
  • Croque

There were exciting times in Eddies Cove East this summer. Take pride in your community and like their slogan “Home is a Dream in 2014”. 

Live Rural NL – 

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North



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