Wanderers Peek Trail

Wanderers Peek

The Wanderer’s Peek Trail is just south of Parson’s Pond and the road is marked by reflective signage to a gravel parking area. The trail must be a work in progress as there didn’t appeal to be a highway sign or a trailhead. We took a route through the forests and found a lots of wild strawberries. There is some old items left to rust along the trail before you enter the forested area that has nice flowers and is well forested. There are stairways to help you climb Parson’s Pond Hill that are constructed of trees.

The trail is lightly trafficked but does offer some really nice views of the Long Range Mountains and the communities in the distance.

There are some benches and rest areas along the route. As well, there was definite signs of wild animals in the area, so use caution.

Parsons Pond is an incredibly beautiful community that just hugs Gros Morne National Park. It is well worth a visit to explore all that this town has to offer.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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