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In Honour of Remembrance Day – Recognizing Korean War Vet, Frank Slade

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Frank Slade of St. Anthony, served with the Royal Canadian Regiment in the Korean War, followed by two years in Germany. This past Memorial Day he was awarded a Korean War Service Medal in conjunction with 60 years since the end of the war. I was privileged to be in attendance for his receipt of such an honour.

I have had the pleasure to meet Veteran Frank Slade on a few occasions. I remember my first visit to his home during my campaign in Election 2011. For those of you have been, one could spend hours chatting and viewing the displays. His home is like a museum, with Mr. Slade presenting the oral history. I spent quite the time during my first visit, but looked forward to others, as I enjoy learning more about people and their life experiences.

Frank Slade also wrote the following poem in honour of Remembrance Day:

The reason I wear a poppy on this 11 November day,
To remember all those brave men who lie in graves so far away.
I remember some, but there are many.
Especially on this day I remember, my buddy Donald Penney.
Cruel men like Hitler and Hussein is the reason men die in far away land.
I don’t understand, I cannot say,
why they cause men to die this way.
In a war you cannot run, you cannot hide, you have to stand and fight the opposite side.
On land, in air, or sea, those men died for you and me
Some were lucky, some were not, they had to fight if they agreed or not.
War is a terrible thing we know so many innocent had to go.
To me war isn’t very nice, too many have to pay the price.
To bad wars have to be, to take someone dear from you and me.
I’m proud to wear a poppy remembering those men.
I hope and pray
All wars will end. – F. Slade

I encourage everyone to talk with our veterans who are still with us. But also take time on Remembrance Day to reflect upon those that gave freely their tomorrows, so we all could enjoy our today. Lest We Forget.

Live Rural NL –
Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

Is that Donny Dunphy or a Christmas Mummer?

Donny Dunphy is quite iconic with his jib rap, videos and musical performances. Him and Brenda have left an impression on myself and friends that lead to rounds of laughter when their names come up. He is quite the entertainer and I am the owner of his CD.  My friend’s red hair reminds me of the strands sported Donny Dunphy. However, he is  what we refer to as a Mummer or Janny.

The concept of Christmas mumming has a long rooted tradition in our province, especially rural Newfoundland & Labrador. During the 12 days of Christmas it was not uncommon to see the janny’s or the mummers come knocking at the doors asking “Any Mummer’s ‘lowd in?”

My friends from Germany and Switzerland got a firsthand experience with Christmas Mummering as we dressed up in silly clothing, with bed sheets and our walking sticks.

The jannies are getting ready?

Can you guess which one I am? I was even able to fool my grandmother this time around.

We started off with just four, visiting family, neighbours and other residents of the community. Each house a guessing game was played, dancing around to music was prominent and even a resident pulled out the accordion and played the Mummer’s Song!  As we moved along from house to house we added to our group to double in size to 8! A happy gang of merry mummers bringing smiles to the faces throughout the households, with maybe the exception of a couple of small children.

It is important to hold onto parts of culture and heritage that one feels is important to their upbringing. I will not forget the impact of mummers on my life some two decades ago. Since I was a child I’ve been introduced to the concept of mummering and firming believe it must continue. I did an interview with the Northern Pen Newspaper expressing these experiences. So each Christmas let us all make a concerted effort to keep this deep-rooted tradition alive and well in rural Newfoundland & Labrador.

For those of you wondering, which mummer I am, well, I am the one with the hump!

Experience the Great Northern Peninsula

Christopher C. Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North


I AM A Viking at L’Anse Aux Meadows World UNESCO Heritage Site

L’Anse Aux Meadows World UNESCO Heritage Site attracts some 30,000 people annually! More than 1,000 years ago, the Vikings were the first Europeans to re-discover North America. They established a settlement and the mounds where their dwellings and outer buildings were placed still remain today.


I had the opportunity to watch a viking make a nail with a new apprentice from Germany! This little chap was quite the helper and was rewarded with the handmade nail for all his efforts as a memento.

L’Anse Aux Meadows World UNESCO Heritage Site is managed by Parks Canada, offering a quality experience. Be sure to visit the newly renovated interpretation centre and find out more about living like a Viking.

Live Rural NL

Christopher C. Mitchelmore

Twitter/ LiveRuralNL

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