Don’t Take the Sea Glass at Glassy Beach

Sea Glass is a treasured commodity among beach combers and craftspeople. I’ve seen Christmas trees and many wonderful products produced from the weather beaten shards of glass that have been rounded and scattered along the shorelines.

One place that was once an only “locals know” has now become more popularized by tourists and visitors in Scenic Green Bay.

Trail to Glassy Beach

The Glassy Beach is a short walking trail in the Town of Springdale. This area was a former dump site and there were lots of glass. Over time the area has formed to its present day views with glass coming a shore.

Beach Glass at Glassy Beach, Springdale

Efforts were taken by residents to try and save the novelty that is “Glassy Beach” by discouraging the removal of sea glass. A sign reads not to take the glass. There were reports of people filling their boat bottoms or taking shopping bags from the area and thus removing the attraction and draw to the unique experience at the end of a short walking trail.

There’s beach glass, but likely not in its former glory. However, if we all do our part, Glassy Beach can be restored to its status as that icon for sea glass lovers.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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