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Bring Rural NL to Life on MHA’s 2012 Christmas Card

K-Grade 3 Students of The Straits-White Bay North are invited to submit drawings, paintings or photos for the MHA’s 2012 Christmas Card. The student’s name will be listed. Deadline is Monday, Oct. 24, 2012. See image for details.
This is a great opportunity to share  an image from your community, a tradition, landscape, event or thought around Christmas of Rural Newfoundland & Labrador. Will someone submit Christmas Mummering? A popcorn strung Christmas tree? Sledding on the old tobaggan or riding the old-fashioned snow mobile? We look forward to your creativity as we display the art at our public gallery. Please include name, grade and school with your submission.
Live Rural NL
Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

Tilting is a Representative of Rural Outport NL

During Fall 2006, I had taken a Retail Management course at Memorial University and we focused on the Rooms, which is the province’s cultural facility – housing the Provincial Museum, Art Gallery and Archives.

Myself and fellow group member Doug G. were tasked with establishing an event at this facility and we decided to have a “Tilting Time” at Christmas.

Christmas in July: A Time in Tilting

Christmas has strong brand equity for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, especially the traditions and cultural activities in rural NL. It provides the Rooms the opportunity to market to locals, as well as give tourist an opportunity to experience the cultural significance of Christmas to outport Newfoundland in peak tourist season.

Christmas themed displays are attractive and encourage visits by people who may otherwise perceive The Rooms as a stuffy art gallery (D. Hayward, presentation to class, November, 28, 2006). The Christmas in July event will also expose summer tourists to aspects of Newfoundland culture that they would not normally have the opportunity to experience.

Décor: Freshly Cut Pine Trees stationed in Salt Beef Pails (3KGs), with old-fashioned, glass Christmas Balls with an array of colours. Glass Displays of Traditional Christmas Toys, Hand Carved Boats and Trains……….The event will feature live displays of mummering and static displays (mannequins) of mummers in the social epicenter of an outport home… the kitchen. The mummers will engage the visitors and encourage them to take part in their playful antics and dancing.

Music: Simini, CD signing at the Gift shop; translate into sales Traditional Newfoundland entertainer, Bud Davidge of Simani will be invited to perform songs including the Christmas favourite The Mummer’s Song A CD signing will take place in the gift shop following the performance.

Theatre: Mummers Re-enactment; Stage set in the kitchen; linked to Simini. (Displays about Mummering; disguises; Mummer’s Troupe (Chris Brooks), David Blackwood and tie in the English and Irish History.

Old-Fashion Time: Fogo Accordion Group and Square Dancers; Ugly Stick

Taste of Tilting: Traditional Food of from the shore (possibly some seafood appetizers and land (agricultural aspect) finger foods; vegetable trays from fresh garden vegetables. Rooms Restaurant have a special events menu during the day for Christmas Dinner, peas soup, jigs dinner, baked beans and fish cakes…….

Weeks leading up to the event have all visitors at the museum or gift shop fill out an entry form (optional) requesting name, telephone and email.  All visitors can be added to an email list and informed about the event and that the draw will be taking place at the Christmas in July; Tilting Time.  A local artist could also donate a portrait of Tilting from the 1950’s at the event to attract a large crowd and have works and prints on display at the gift shop. A way to tie in the product and artist selection and solicitation for traveling exhibits.

Sales Promotion: A trip for two to tilting to enjoy the Beach Festival; Accommodations at Foley’s B&B, Boat Tour, Lane’s Museum, Historical Tour, Ferry/Travel(Rental Car).

Purity as a corporate sponsor……offer purity syrup to guests… care packages in the gift shop. Advertise by handing out peppermint candy in a Rooms Exclusive brown paper plastic wrapping with a gift tag attached inviting patrons to the Christmas in July Party. Appeal to the clientele…..try to create buzz in the community….word of mouth.

Sending Christmas cards to valued customers (and those you hope to attract) can be an effective marketing tactic. Also, donate a Product to your local area Radio Station, they have numerous contests and they are always looking for sponsors! Christmas in July Special. Written off as a tax deduction. Plus free advertising and exposure for your business donation.

The concept of a Tilting Time is applicable to opportunities on the Great Northern Peninsula for organizations and businesses to reach a broad audience and promote our unique culture and heritage.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher C. Mitchelmore






Happy Mother’s Day

Today is all about celebrating Mother. Today and every other we should recognize the contributions and love given by the women in our lives.

To My Mother –

Ever since I was a little boy, you have always been there with your never-ending support.

As a child…you would pick me up when I would fall. You held my hand when I was too scared to walk alone. You read me stories each night – many, many, stories. Stories that spurred my imagination, creativity and desire to see the world.

As I grew, you continued to educate me by instilling good manners, values and kindness. You have always been a beacon of support. When I wanted to go to Medquest for a week, you never said no – even though there was not much money to spare. You never pushed me to do anything I did not want to do, with the exception of some chores. However, those were for my own good. Each request grew a little larger, as I grew. You supported my decision to go to the Capital of Canada in 2002 to attend the Forum of Young Canadians. I gained knowledge of our country’s political system and also made many wonderful friendships. You supported my decision to start-up my own small seasonal business in Flower’s Island Museum & 9-Hole Miniature Golf. You gave your time unselfishly to volunteer at a Charity Car wash and at the Flower’s Island Fun Festival.

I would not be able to recount all the times you were there for an activity or event – you were there for my high school graduation and there for my convocation from Memorial University‘s School of Business. You also supported my decision to take a semester abroad at Harlow. You accepted my decision to complete a work term spending a summer in London, England and a consecutive semester studying in the Czech Republic. The stories of castles, pyramids and the unknown became realities in 2007 when I travelled to 27 countries, live and worked abroad, experiencing a multitude of cultures, language, history, landmarks and heritage. Gosh, I must have driven you crazy mother, being so far away from my small Northern Peninsula homestead.

After completing University in 2008, I accepted a position in England. You supported me, because you knew this is something I wanted to do. I moved back home to spend a summer with you and work with youth to establish small business. My Work Visa was denied, so I decided to move to the West to see more of my wonderful country I proudly call Canada. I moved to Alberta, made wonderful friends and travelled to BC, Yukon and Saskatchewan. I also drove across Canada along in 2009. You always supported my decisions, even when I decided to move back home in 2009, after only being away for 11 months from my rural home. I am still there today with you. During this time we have worked tirelessly to create some improvements and change in our lives and the lives of others.

I will not forget our European Vacation in Fall 2010, where we visited England, France, Ireland and Northern Ireland. I am glad to have convinced you to go. I know how happy you were with all the wonderful sights, sounds and people we met along the way.

Today, I am unable to be with you mother, as I leave the big City of Los Angeles to fly home after spending some days with college friends and time alone exploring Hollywood.

I know I add to your worry sometimes with all the activity, travel and work I do. I have you to thank, as I look at how much you give at your work, the effort and care you put in everything you do – I say thank you. When I see you again, you will receive a wonderful hug for being there always. We will have our traditional dinner soon!

I am thankful to have such a wonderful mother.

Love Your Son –

Christopher C. Mitchelmore (Live Rural NL written from Los Angeles).

P.S. If you have someone in your life to look up to on Mother’s Day, please let them know it or remember someone who has passed on. Take time out of your busy schedule to spend with them not just tomorrow but into the near future, if you can. A little effort can make a world of difference!

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