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Beauty by the Sea – Deep Cove, NL

Scenic Deep Cove – could there be a place that grabs ones attention? This photo earned its place as the header for the Live Rural NL blog banner and is my current screen saver. Deep Cove may be one of the areas well-kept secrets, as it has so much unrealized potential. The local development association continues to pursue funding to bring the site up to par so one can be educated about “Winter Housing” and also experience what life was like having to move from the summer home to a winter site.

Along the trail I have capture the broken ice pans that have filled the mouth of the cove. The wooden structure in the bottom of the photo above was used by two men and a long pit saw to produce lumber to build homes, boats and other necessities. People worked with what they had, and certainly used common sense, building on a hill to reduce the workload.

A boardwalk takes you along the valley nestled between the trees, which provided the protection from the elements. Along the way are panels explaining the people who lived here and what their life was like. All that remains are a couple of fallen houses. They should be erected and the winter housing site developed as a working village.

Imagine in summer the rein-actors could be planting a garden, drying fish on flakes and maintaining the homestead as they would throughout the years. The opportunity for winter tourism is even greater with dog sledding, snowshoeing, skiing, ice-fishing and more. There could be lessons provided, accommodations and food in an experiential package. Location is ideal, as there is an adjacent ski hut and trail system. During summer, why not have campsites and offer a nature park?

In the meantime, I will enjoy some childhood fun and slide down the hill! Be sure to visit Deep Cove, just a few kilometres from the Town of Anchor Point.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

Purity Beef Buckets, Lawn Chairs and Coolers = Perfect Seats

Local artists have depicted the image above of the families gathering with their Purity Beef Buckets, Lawn Chairs and Coolers on the ice surrounding communities. I could not resist snapping this image, as this was truly a very real experience – living artwork on the Great Northern Peninsula.

On December 27th, 2011 since we were 11 people we took three vehicles to Brig Bay, NL  One of the very few places where the salt water freezes to permit us to ice fish for smelts. Upon arrival we could see we had a challenge of making a small jump on the frozen ice. We all made it safely across without anyone getting wet.

My cousin quickly put her rod down a previously drilled hole and instantly there was a nibble and voila – an ice fish made the leap from the water. It brought a level of excitement, especially among the children. Who am I kidding, we were all eager to cast our rods and catch some fish.

My friend from Switzerland is all ready to use an ice auger to drill a hole in the ice.

Look at the expression on my German friend’s face. The eyes tell the story as the ice fish quickly leaps from the hole.

I helped my youngest cousin catch her first ice fish.

We made sure we had the perfect bait, which  I will have to keep a secret. Never have I been able to see the fish so plentiful. One would be able to drop their rod and see the fish in the hole swim to the hook. One person on the ice caught two smelts on one hook.

We were lucky, as I remember being younger with my family spending a long time on the pond, freezing and not getting a nibble. There were no complaints by anyone, as our faces are all draped with smiles.

We had quite the successful day – all of us, including the novices, rookies and the experts. Our bounty for the day was enough for ourselves and grandparents to have a meal.

After leaving the ice we reflected on the truly real experience of what it means to live rural. The following day for lunch my grandmother had fried up the smelts with boiled potatoes, freshly baked bread and a cup of tea. What a feed!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North
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