Live Rural NL retaliates against Ellen’s stance of “Stop Seal Hunting in Canada”

Dear Ellen Degeneres

I am deeply disappointed that you have chosen to become the latest  celebrity to advocate against the Canadian Seal Hunt, joining forces with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). You have joined a growing list of mis-informed celebrity predecessors, including Beatle Paul McCartney and Playmate, Pamela Anderson. We only need to remember then Premier Danny Williams taking on Paul McCartney and Heather Mills-McCartney on Larry King Live. Danny Williams not only illustrated how un-educated Paul and now former wife was on the matter of the seal hunt, he also embarrassed them in terms of knowing their Canadian geography. Mr. Williams invited them to come to Newfoundland & Labrador to see for himself. Paul remarked along the lines that he was already there when really he was in Prince Edward Island, another province.

PETA is an organizations that uses images of baby seals and presents mis-information to create a cash infusion.  Their website states: “PETA is drawing global attention to the annual slaughter of tens of thousands of baby harp seals”.

This statement is false! Myth: The Canadian government allows sealers to harvest white coat seals.

Reality: The harvesting of harp seal pups (white coats) and hooded seal pups (blueblack) is illegal in Canada and has been since 1987. The seals that are harvested are self-reliant, independent animals. (Source:

Ellen your website states: Seal hunting is one of the most atrocious and inhumane acts against animals allowed by any government.

The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s manages the seal hunt, which is sustainable. One only has to look at the harp seal population growth. In the 1970’s there were less than 2 million seals, now in 2011 there is more than 9 million harp seals. The government allocates an annual harvest quota that is supported by scientific research. The Seal Hunt is HUMANE, STRICTLY REGULATED and ENFORCED. How is harvesting seals any more atrocious and inhumane than the fish that is caught, cows, chicken, pigs, moose and other animals that are killed for human consumption? What about cattle that are ranched and grown strictly for human consumption? They have no chance for anything but ending up as some form of beef, maybe a burger – unlike seals, who are self-reliant, independent and able to fend for themselves.

The seal hunt has been around in Newfoundland and Labrador for centuries. Without the seal meat, oil and skin for clothing many people of the rural communities would be burdened with economic hardships and other woes. The sealskin boot has provided the warmth and protection from the elements of surviving in a difficult winter climate. The seal skin is water-resistant, protecting the feet from getting damp when cutting firewood to heat one’s home. Seal skin provided necessary protection that may have saved human lives.

My father was a fisherman, his father and his father before him. They have all harvested seals to aid them in providing for their families. My father had prepared seal skin to be made into boots. I still proudly wear them, as winters in Northern Newfoundland tend to be very stormy. I walk knee-deep in snow, many days throughout winter to reach my car. I understand the deep-rooted tradition and the necessity of the seal hunt to ensure life in rural regions could continue. How dare you make such uninformed comments that continue to negatively impact the fishers in rural regions.

I ask that you do further research on this matter and re-consider your stance on the seal hunt. I invite you to come to Rural Newfoundland and Labrador to experience for yourself first-hand the seal hunt. You should use your celebrity status to do good instead of blatant abuse.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. There are so many problems with this post.

    Because an animal is self-reliant does not mean it’s able to defend itself or flee, especially from a human hunter armed with a hakapik.

    Bludgeoning an animal to death for its skin is anything but humane. You’re right though, it isn’t any worse than what we do to other animals, especially those farmed for food. If you had done your research, however, you would know that Ellen is a vegan who also speaks out against the inhumane treatment of “fish…cows, chicken, pigs, moose and other animals that are killed for human consumption.” These animals are ALL worthy of protection.

    The argument that the hunt has been around for centuries is weak. Child labour has been around for centuries, too, and has aided economic growth, but I don’t think anyone would reasonably advocate for that in 2011. Modern insulating material renders animal pelts unnecessary for warmth.

    1. Hi Em –

      I respect your comments; however, the seal hunt is regulated, managed and humane. Veterinarians have found that the hakapik, when properly used, is at least as humane as, and often more humane than, the killing methods used in commercial slaughterhouses, which are accepted by the majority of the public. Seals may only be harvested using efficient tools designed to kill the animal quickly such as high-powered rifles, shotguns firing slugs, clubs and hakapiks. All these methods are considered by experts to be humane.

      You made the comment that bludgeoning an animal to death for its skin is anything but humane; however, many parts of the animal is utilized beyond just for the skin. Seals produce good meat that is rich in protein, which can assist the Northern rural diet. The oil can be used as it is rich in OMEGA 3 Fatty Acids. Bones can be grind into fertilizers and the penis as an aphrodesiac.

      The harp seal population is growing from under 2 million in the early ’70s to over 9 million today. This growth is putting pressure on other species and habitats. Seals eat a high volume of fish, which also has negative impacts for our local small boat fishers that depend on this industry for survival. The fishery remains the backbone of our economy in the Great Northern Peninsula and without one our region would be devastated beyond our current conditions of stagnated growth.

      Scientist research and monitor populations of species. In fact, just this past week, Park’s Canada announced it would have a moose cull at Gros Morne National Park and Terra Nova National Park. They estimate the there are 5,000 moose in Gros Morne alone with 150,000 moose in Newfoundland & Labrador which has a population of 510,000. These moose are destroying trees, placing pressure on birds and other species and changing the dynamics in the park. As well, they are having detrimental effects as people lose lives due to high concentration of moose and a number of moose-vehicle collisions.

      The seal population is well-regulated. I state again these seals are self-reliant and independent. They are able to enjoy a quality of life, unlike those animals that are farmed for food and living in less than humane conditions. I respect Ellen’s decision to practise veganism and she should speak out against inhumane treatment of animals. It is quite frustrating to see animals caged, contained in less than acceptable habitats (ie. malls and others) and the torture some undergo.

      Ellen Degeneres should be ashamed of using her clout to spread such mis-information about the Canadian seal hunt. It is truly propaganda that presents selective statements, such as the Canadian Government is allowing a record number of seals to be killed. If one looks at the population growth of the seal population, this quota is smaller in proportion to population from previous years. Whitecoats or Bluecoats are also not harvested.

      The Seal Hunt was an absolute necessity when the island of Newfoundland was being settled. The harsh winter climate led many to starvation. The introduction of seals to the environment, created sustainability as it provided much nourishment to last through Spring before produce could be grown and fish caught. In Northern Rural Newfoundland we have lived off the land and sea and continue to do so today. We believe in managing our resources, so that there is a future for other generations. Although modern insulating material is available, these consumer products are typically made in China, where the human rights of the workers and environments are more than questionable. Supporting products made from large factories also increases polution and demand for non-renewable resources such as oil. The concept of using natural resources that are most local is of benefit, as the seal skin can provide warm boots, create local employment and the meat can be consumed. The research proves that the seal hunt is not posing a threat to the population of harp seals. More management and better utilization of local resources is needed to build a stronger rural economy.

      Animals, nature, ecosystems and environments are extremely important to people of rural Newfoundland & Labrador. We have depended on them since the beginning of our time.

      Live Rural NL-
      Christopher Mitchelmore

      1. Bravo!! What a thorough, educated, and insightful comment, it’s much more than some of these ignorant comments deserve.

      2. BRAVO !!!! Hopefully you have informed many more people who know nothing about NEWFOUNDLAND & LABARADOR but are very quick to judge us. I also grew up eating seal &still take seal oil supplements today. I don’t eat much meat , eat chicken , fish &I wear leather jackets, shoes & have leather handbags. Guess where the leather comes from , also the wool from clothes Have to say , some people don’t want to hear the truth you have written , after all these are probably some of the same ones that didn’t even know where NL was till 9/11. Keep up the good work.

    2. I wonder does Ellen use any sort of prescription medication which most definitely would have been tested on animals? My guess is yes. And you probably do as well. Time to get off your high horse.

    3. You need to get your facts straight. Seals are not beat to death. Don’t believe everything Hollywood tells you.

    4. Child labour is still very much happening in the present. And right here in Canada and the US. it’s called chores.

    5. The fact that anyone is “vegan” has no bearing on animal rights. Just the fact rats, mice, gophers, ground nesting birds and various other small animals are killed in the process of farming crops negates any thought process of being vegan to “save the animals”. That’s the most common moronic thinking amongst vegetarians n “vegans”.

    6. You are also informed, my dear. The seal hunt does not promote bludgeoning as it is illegal, and has been illegal since the 80’s. Seals are killed as humainely as any hunted animal.

    7. Since when is an animal’s life equal to a human life, When talking about any horrendous acts such as child labor and comparing it to one killing an animal to feed it’s family is ridiculous. As a Newfoundlander and proud of it, and to be a daughter of a former fisherman and a wife of a fisherman I know the hardships that have been endured when it comes to living in Rural Newfoundland. Not everything is black and white. The constant growing of the seal population has led to the demise of the growing cod stocks that are a major importance to the livelihood of many families. Peta keeps talking about the killing of baby seals, which is a blatant lie. Like any commercial industry the fishery has rules and regulations, and no doubt like any other industry you will get the ones who have no regard for rules or regulations, but the Canadian government has taken precautions to ensure the fishery rules are followed and there stiff penalties for any offenders caught breaking them.
      If you had done your research you would know that seals are not just harvested for their pelts. To many Newfoundlanders seal meat is a delicacy, then there is seal oil which has many benefits to the human body. It is a great source of omega3, DHA, EPA and DPA all of which are of great benefit to the human body in promoting good health. Unlike many other animals harvested for human consumption almost all of the seal is marketable. The seal hunt is not something done for sport but out of necessity, necessity to keep the fishery of Newfoundland & Labrador sustainable. We as Newfoundlanders take pride in being a financially and economically responsible province. So before making comments on something you have read about, take the time to do the research and be a responsible individual who speaks from knowledge not off the top of your head. If people would spend their energy in finding a solution to end hunger and poverty, racism, bullying, discrimination of every kind rather then wasting their time on what they think is an atrocious livelihood of another Country then their time would be spent wisely.
      My family and I are animal lovers, we have six pets in our home who are treated like members of our family, and if we saw anyone abusing any animal we’d be the first to step in and do something about it, but to overstep our boundaries and criticize different cultures and practices without doing the proper research is irresponsible.
      I myself love Ellen and her generosity, she has touched many lives and have brought a lot of love and hope to many people who felt they had none. I hope that she takes the time to do her own research. Ellen come to Newfoundland and meet the people and learn the culture then make an educated decision on whether or not the seal hunt is barbaric or a responsible way of keeping the fishery alive and preserving a profession passed down through generations.

      1. Bravo!!! Very well written & you should be proud of yourself.
        Another Proud Newfoundlander

      2. Eloquently put. Ellen, do your research before you make a judgement. You are misinformed. Pita have twisted the facts to suit their own purposes. I challenge you to come to Newfoundland and check it out yourself.

    8. Hakapik hasn’t been used since 1987 (did you read the article). They use guns. Ask yourself why do they continually portray that cute little white pup? It is a lie but it serves a purpose – PROFIT. The seal could be a sustainable market if people like you would only educate yourselves. The meat is delicious, low in cholesterol, high in Omega fatty acids and could feed the hungry in many desperate countries if people like you would get out of the way with your ill-considered protest. If you cannot be part of something positive and educate yourself instead of being a pawn for this money grabbing group then get out of the way. And I presume you are all for the elimination of the native indigenous peoples giving up their way of life. Condescending?.
      On an aside there are currently ten million seals off the east coast with no natural predators in the area (orcas live off the coast of Australia). Many will starve to death. That’s on you. Don’t let your ideology get in the way of facts.

      1. Orcas also live off the coast of Newfoundland. Sorry but seals do have natural predators. I agree with what you say but you also must do your research.

      2. Orcas may migrate of Newfoundland but that does not mean the population is high enough the keep the seal population down.

    9. I certainly believe that after your statement you are as uneducated as you believe Newfoundlander’s to be. Hakipiks haven’t been used for years now. Hakipiks are illegal to use and the seal hunt is governed by the Canadian Government so why would the Canadian Government want such bad publicity regarding this hunt if it weren’t done in a fare humane manner. I’m not a Seal hunter but I certainly do stand by fishermen and hunters who are providing for there families. I’m sure that anyone with there livelihood being threatened would feel the same way.

    10. Who is bludgeoning seals? Where do these people get their info? I wish celebrities and all the neigh sayers would stop with the poor poor seals bulls**t. Didn’t all of this start with Paul Watson or a CBC journalist who video taped someone clubbing baby seals back in the 70’s? That’s not how the hunt has been done for roughly 20-30 years. Not sure what the big attraction is to the seals for these people, like one fella said earlier, come to rural Newfoundland and see what it’s all about before you start crapping on seal fisherman. Get your facts straight before you go after many generations of Newfoundlanders, were a strong bunch!!!

    11. Thank you Christopher, It is wonderful to see the facts written as they should be. You and others have to remember your dealing with people who don’t care about right or wrong-they care about money. Have you ever seen a movie that was produced to be portraying the facts as they were or just telling a good story for Money, . Hollywood is all about Money and Ellen is a prime example of what she did at the Oscar’s. No White coat hunting in the past 35 years,i t is obvious they do not read much or do any research, so telling a LIE for money is fine. Nothing changes with those people, I am glad as a Newfoundlander we are a class above that and being honest and accurate is also a big part of our heritage and culture, we depend on each other here. PETA is probably the worst organization in the world to care about animals, they care only about what they as persons can receive. Once again thank you for the facts on a sustainable hunt keep up the Great Work

  2. Excuse me, but why is it inhumane to kill seals for their skins, but you’ll wear your leather jackets everywhere you go

  3. Very well said, Christopher and Phillip. Even assuming Em is a vegan who doesn’t wear animal skins, her judgement is subjective and, going by the language she uses, is based on the lies of the animal rights industry. They have spent nearly half a century lying about and harassing sealers. The opponents of the seal hunt are frequently effete, judgemental urbanites who know nothing about the people they are defaming, much less about their way of life, who swallow the lies of the animal rights industry as though they were fact, and who feel they have the right to impose their misinformed ignorant “values” on people they don’t even know. In that, they are not unlike the European Imperialists of a couple of centuries ago: they think they have a duty to impose their “enlightened” ways on the poor benighted savages, and destroy their way of life while they’re at it.

    They are also very much like the Robber Barons of the last century: industrialists whose profits come from the exploitation, harassment, and defamation of innocent working people for profit. Yet they tell themselves they are somehow more moral and “highly evolved” than the innocent people they attack. Don’t let them tell you “animal rights” is a movement. It is an industry based on the exploitation of the innocent for profit. And don’t let them tell you it’s about conservation or the environment either. Most of these people’s lifestyles do more damage to the environment in a year than the lifestyles of rural people do in their entire lives. That’s partly why they do this, I think. If they can be all “activist” about their fake little “animal rights” agenda, they can absolve themselves of the guilt of causing so much damage to the environment. Meanwhile, the people they are lying about and defaming are suffering the effects of that environmental damage.

  4. Don’t call this the Canadian Seal Hunt. As a Canadian (and a vegan, before you try and call me a hypocrite), I am ashamed by that label. This is a Maritime Seal Hunt.

    1. Mariana –

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, the last time I checked the Maritimes (which comprise Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick and exclude Newfoundland & Labrador) are all part of Canada. In addition, Newfoundland & Labrador, Quebec and the Northern Territories participate in the Canada Seal Hunt. Many provinces are represented and participate.

      Live Rural NL –
      Christopher Mitchelmore

    2. Has being a vegans completely ruined your sense of geography ? Maritimes are a part of Canada. Few maritime provinces add to Canada not being in debt. The maritime provinces would LOVE to not have to deal with the shitty decisions other provinces make.. but are forced because of title. Take your head out of your ass

    3. Wow Mariana
      Geography your strong point? When the Canadian government decided to take over , form regulations and enforcements ,I’m guessing is the time this became a Canadian seal hunt.

      1. Furthermore, as live fish are federal and dead fish are provincial, such hunting is a federally regulated practice.

    4. YOU are not a well informed Canadian if you refer to it as the MARITIMES … Maritimes are PEI NS and NB .. it’s Atlantic Canada

    5. Mariana go back to school and catch up on your geography dear, try taking some omega 3 and 6 they might help with the brain function a little….. oh wait I forgot your vegan and these lovely vitamins come from fish oils…. your loss I guess LMAO

    6. You feel free to be ashamed Mariana,you have just as much right as we Newfoundlander’s reserve the right to be proud with no apologies.I remember Pam Anderson offering up a million dollar cheque to stop the seal hunt.Apparently economics wasn’t her strong suit.She may as well have shown up with glass beads for everyone.If you are from the west I would like to think you are protesting the many slaughter houses for beef ,pork etc. You will likely find the same in central Canada as well. As a Vegan I can’t imagine anywhere in this country you wouldn’t be ashamed to be associated with.Please don’t forget to crucify the good people in the arctic as well for their Killing of whales,seals, caribou, rabbits and anything else they need for food and clothing. If you were in need of an organ to save your life would it have to come from a vegan only? Just asking.

      1. Right with you there Mike. Over the years I have found that everything is relative especially when it comes to points of view on controversies. I don’t care if Marianne is from Ontario or Vancouver Island she is still a Canandian. I was born a Newfoundlander and became a Canadian not by choice as I was too young to have a voice. She can fly to the moon and she will still be Canadian the very same Canadian as the seal hunt. Last time I looked Newfoundland was still the 10th province of Canada and the seal hunt is controlled by the Canadian government not Newfoundland. So Marianne like it or not you are tarred with the same brush and when the hunt is critiqued and condemned so is your country and mine. I support the hunt as it is needed to maintain a healthy herd and it provides an income and way of life for our aboriginals and fishermen not only in the Maritimes but the Atlantic Provinces,the far North and Quebec. So like Ellen you also need to get educated on this subject, Marianne.

  5. While it’s offensive to imply that the Maritime Provinces aren’t part of Canada, it’s frustrating that when people from outside the Maritimes dare question the seal hunt, they are branded as “effete, judgemental urbanites”. As the seal hunt is the CANADIAN seal hunt, and impacts the world’s view (and trading relationships) with our country, it’s important that the voices of all Canadians are heard. While those who live in the area might know about the local traditions and history, all Canadians have a stake (and a right to be heard) in this issue.

    1. The newfoundland seal hunt wasn’t mentioned in our Union with Canada Newfoundland Act 1949. I highly doubt our record internationally of Human rights, business, economic power, stability, freedom and peacekeeping is thrown off by the culture of an ex British colony That makes up 1/70th the population of the country.

    2. Sarah, when the shoe is on the other foot and Canadians who live east of Calgary complain about what the tar sands are doing to our Canadian reputation abroad, we get called all kind of names. I would prefer to argue this on the merits, which are many. When seal meat is used to feed your pet dog, or if protesters would stop getting in the way so it could be used to feed the worlds hungry with a high quality protein, rich in omega fatty acids (tastes great by the way) then perhaps you will be proud to be Canadian again. We have to change the way we think if this planet is to survive and it won’t be on arsenic laced rice.

    3. Well that’s just a silly thing to say, especially given the fact that seals are generally hunted with the same regulations and equipment (by that I mean guns) that any other animal is hunted with. I’d like to see how well received I’d be in Pennsylvania if I proposed ending the white tail deer hunt, which is essentially the same practice.

      Moreover, I really don’t see how the general public in another country’s dislike for our hunting practices (which, again, are pretty much the same as the regulations in any western nation) would really impact, in any meaningful way, our trade with other countries. Generally the people making trade decisions are government types who are in the business of making money for their country and acquiring our natural resources (of which we have many, up to and including products derived from our seals). I’ve yet to hear of anyone in another country losing their popular vote based solely on the fact that they made a trade deal with Canada, people really don’t feel THAT strongly about it. For instance, we know that in a lot of Asian countries child labor is used, and we don’t approve of that at all, nevertheless we still have countless products produced in the countries in our homes and about our persons as we speak.

      And in terms of you having a right to voice your opinion about the seal hunt, as a Canadian, you’ve certainly got that. For one, the last time you voted in a federal election you got to chose someone to be representative of your interests in office, a right we all have as Canadian citizens, and given that these hunts are Federally regulated, I’m forced to conclude that the majority of Canadian’s interests include the Newfoundland (and surrounding provinces’) seal hunt. For another, here we are on the internet arguing about the seal fishery, and I see your opinion clearly stated right here on this message board, and no one’s going to come to your house to arrest you for your opinion, however ill informed it is, so chalk up another example of you exercising your right to be heard. Not to mention the fact that this is clearly a hotly debated issue and pretty much every faucet of it has been analyzed, and it’s been concluded that the seal hunt is pretty much necessary. I won’t get into the fact that the populations of these animals needs to be regulated for environmental reasons, as that was pretty well covered in the original article.

      In regards to the letter, thanks Christopher, that was very well written and informative. I’d be interested in hearing her response.

  6. Anti seal hunting starts with animal rights. Read the bible and genesis gives man stewardship over animals. Animal rights do not accept this, saying that every animal that experiences life does so equally and must be treated equally. They do not acknowledge that humans differ from other animals that they use logic and reasoning to instinct before performing an action. There reasoning goes from bizarre, they would not rescue humans before animals, would not have a heart valve replacement (made from a pig or a cow) or feed their baby’s infant formulae if the mother could not breast feed. (Even baby formulae made from soya contains animal ingredients, pure soya milk will leave the baby undernourished probably fatally).

    The more extreme animal rights who have thought their theory right through, reduce the human population to a few million (The nourishment reduction plan, food wars etc.) living in tiny villages inside a world wild wilderness, vegetarians defending their crops from other animals by passive means, fences.

    When I was a little boy in England after the war we had food rationing, even bread was rationed, we also had a plague of rabbets who eat 5% of the cereal crop or a slice from every loaf. Cute cuddly bunnies where seen as a pest, a popular song of the time was run rabbet run run, here comes the farmer with his gun gun. Shooting rabbets was not effective in controlling them, the introduction of that terrible disease myximatosis was and still is.

    I can see no difference between a farmer shooting rabbets to control their numbers and a fisherman shooting Seals. The farmer has invested in land and seed to earn a living the fisherman in a boat and gear and a fishing licence. They are both entitled to a return on their investment and labours. Remember each seal eats 5 kilos or over a tonne of fish per year, may be if you have not been a hungry little boy you won’t understand the importance of not wasting food.

    Animal rights groups like IFAW, Sea Shepherd, PETA et al, found a very lucrative way to raise millions of dollars, using propaganda about the seal hunt. If we are rational seal numbers must be controlled so that we can eat. A hunt makes use of the dead animal, there is no difference moral between wearing seal fur or a piece of leather, they are both the skins of dead animals. Animals are a renewable resource making use of them is an ecologically sound practise.

    If you are an animal lover, donate to charities that do good deeds, not those engaged politics, even the RSPCA in the UK has been infiltrated by animal rights and engages in politics to the point where its charitable status is in jeopardy. Watch out for propaganda, headless chickens don’t run around in my experience they flap their wings, called a reflex action. Dead animals kick with their hind legs called a running reflex. Dead seals have a swimming reflex, a lot of anti sealing propaganda claims that the animal is still alive, because not a lot of us have experience of death.

    1. Very well said!It would actually be, morally,wrong for the seal hunters to not use the seal in its entirety. And as a Newfoundlander and a member of our Global world, I can respect someone else’s decision to be a Vegan, so why can they not accept my decision to eat meat and support our local sealing industry!

    2. You should learn to spell before you insult animal activists. You just sound very uneducated. Which you probably are…….this is how you spell ” rabbit”…… the future, check yourself before you wreck yourself;)

      1. For someone who’s hung up on grammar, you should probably learn how to properly use an ellipsis, and a comma, and how to properly end sentences, as in, not with an emoticon. I’m not usually an internet “Grammar Nazi”, but if you’re going to correct someone else’s grammar, you should probably make sure you’re using it properly too.

      2. Anyone can make a typing error and you obviously understood what was posted. Are animal activists spelling bee champs as well or just plain perfect?

  7. As an animal lover living in Rural Newfoundland, I have a big problem every year when I see seals on the highway, around buildings in the towns and dead in streams 10 to 15 miles inshore , where in their search for food, trout and salmon, they have died of starvation because the ocean no longer has the feed to sustain them. Starvation is a long and very painful death and that is what’s happening. I could never imagine myself killing anything but I do eat meat. I believe any type of approved and regulated hunting has to be more humaine than starvation.

    1. I see this in other species too!When I was growing up and crows or seagulls were becoming too plentiful, they were often shot because they were becoming pests and trying to raid garbages,etc. Has anyone seen the massive amounts of crows and sea gulls that fly back and forth from Robin Hood Bay and the Stavenger Drive area everyday! These birds will run out of food and are probably already starving!Where is the humanity and responsibilty to our earth when we watch another creature slowing and painfully die from lack of nourishment!

    2. Agreed. I also love animals, but the sheer abundance of seals has resulted in them starving to death….slowly. I don’t like the idea of clubbing a seal – but isn’t it a fact that this method is not used, and high powered rifles are? No one likes to see an animal suffer. I am one of those people. I trust in the sealing industry and wear my seal skin boots with pride. (plus they look awesome;)

  8. Every year it’s the same for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. It seems our traits of being friendly and hospitable are forgotten and we are transformed into a group of savages which stems from lies and misinformation from these activist groups. Have they not learned that throughout the years when a particular species population grows out of control it threatens other species. There has to be control and regulation of these seals or these celebrities will not be able to enjoy there lovely fish meals at their high end expensive restaurants anymore.

    1. Agreed. And it always falls on Newfoundland and Labrador for some reason. They don’t focus on up north because its the natives and well that’s apart of their life so it’s ok for them to do it. And then they just want something to rag on Newfies for.

      I agree with the comment for the $1million for Pamela to stop acting. I’ll donate to that cause. Just a publicitiy stunt to try and get some attention for her self.

  9. When I was a boy living in St John’s, the return of the Seal Fleet was a big deal. My grandmother would hurry down to the harbour to get her carcass. She had to be quick about it because the meat would sell out in half a day (in my memory)..
    As for modern insulating material rendering animal pelts unnecessary, I would argue that petroleum based products such as those materials may not be “sustainable”.You can be almost guaranteed that seal skin boots were not made by an eight year old in the third world. We cannot say that about a lot of our clothing.
    I would also argue that the hunt keeps the ever expanding herd healthier. The hunting technique used is not pretty, but, it is effective , immediate and more humane than what is done with pork and poultry.
    Finally,everything we eat dies.

  10. People, please…see the protests by PETA (and prior) Greenpeace for what they really are…money-making schemes. Baby seals are cute and cuddly looking, and make for good ‘poster kids’ for the misguided wealthy to write their cheques. Greenpeace has even publicly acknowldged this. They use the Seal Hunt protest to raise money to fight other (legitimate) fights, such as the Japanese whaling industry and the wholesale slaughter of dolphins and sharks. PETA’s supporters are being duped. They are being misguided by untruths.

  11. Again Ellen making comments when not needed. Anyone remember her joke about Newfoundlanders? Disgraceful

    1. I remember it clearly. I was a lot younger at the time but remember feeling hurt as a Newfoundlander by her rude comment/joke as you will. It actually has left me questioning her as a person ever since.
      We have been living and dealing with the way others view us and Newfoundlanders and Labradorians forever. But we have our own language and traditions just like everybody else. Even though we get trashed frequently about how we talk or live we still manage to come out on top and help the ones who are probably talking the trash to begin with when they are in need because that is what “we” do. I will never be embarrassed to call myself a Newfoundlander.
      The only people I see mostly complaining about the Hunt are famous, people. I have come to realize they are bored and need publicity before they retire. When was the last time anyone heard tell of Pamela Anderson, huh? First I heard of her in years was this week. She just wants everyone to know she’s still alive. If she spent as much time doing research on this as she does her implants she would soon come to realize that the Seal Hunt is a part of our heritage and always will be. This is how we survive. Like 1 million dollars was so much to us that she actually thought that little amount of money would stop years and years of survival. Nothing that she says or Ellen says for that matter, is going to change that!

    2. I don’t remember this joke! :o( I thought she was above mocking people! Apparently not. :o(

      I am learning a lot from this post. I am a Newfoundlander from Ontario….yes, a mainlander. And I LOVE this place. Most of us (and yes I am one of the Newfoundlanders now as I will always be) try hard to live off the land and do a good job! I wouldn’t change it for the world. All we need to do is keep living our lives. We look after each other because the good is never heard and the bad spreads like wildfire. Keep up the promotion of our fine province. We work hard to keep it real and respected by others but we will never turn our backs on each other and that is all that matters. :o)

  12. Why is it only the seal hunt that those celebrities think is so inhumane, how about how the cows, pigs and chickens are killed or is it they feel that no one cares about these animals , because they don’t see how they are slaughtered..

  13. Seal meat could fill the hungry bellies of many starving children that are being shown on our tv screens all the time. Why can’t this be done….we see the meat of all different kinds of animals in our supermarkets every day (and I might say someone is making a huge profit off), so what is so different about seal meat? As well, we probably would have more fish in our oceans if it weren’t for the overabundance of seals.

  14. I can see how celebrities wanna change the world seeing how they don’t have to rely on the little things to provide for there families, and they think they can change the world from behind a camera but really grow up all of you, the world is not a strawberry patch and will not smell like one all the time. And have you ever meet a seal in the wild cause I have and I’ve shot and clubbed them skinned and eaten them , and pretty sure they would do the same to us given the right opportunity, so to all the people out there who just get off finding stuff to whine about just remember that every time you whine about the poor little seal or sweet defenseless animals you may be ruining someone’s life taking food from there children destroying everything that people work to achieve

  15. I think that this person didn’t really do their OWN homework before writing this letter … They ask why Ellen sees the seal hunt as wrong and compares it to hunting or raising cattle for beef, but Ellen is also against all of those things. It’s well-known that she is an outspoken vegan and animal rights activist, her stance on the seal hunt is just one part of that. Her disagreement with it isn’t based on ignorance and belief in myth, it is based on her view of how we should treat animals in general. She doesn’t believe in hunting or harming any animals AT ALL. It’s simply an opinion, she’s allowed to express it.

    1. That may be true Brittany but it flies in the face of her stance on bullying. This is bullying of a people and their way of life. If she were in Russia (not saying this is right) she would be in prison and maybe being fed seal. Americans, like Ellen ignore their own seal hunt and its history. As for her stance on animal rights – why does she feel that this gives her the right to push her belief on others. She would be laughed at in the vast majority of the world. We ‘civilized’ western peoples are so arrogant and condescending and incredibly elitist. Until there are no problems in the US and no person is dying due to harvesting seals these people should mind their own business.

    2. I, as well as many others already know that she is vegan, what bothers me is that she openly has very outdated info on her site about the Seal hunt, she says we kill baby Seals, which hasn’t been done sense the 80’s. I just believe if she wants to support something so openly on her site and let people know, she herself she look up all the info on a cause, so she won’t be confusing others with such wrongs, after all, a little research and understanding about what your against might help in an actual argument.

  16. look at the dolphin hunt over in japan where they haul live dolphins up on wharves and just cut their throats one after another and let them flop around till they bleed out, or where they skin foxes alive after they stun them by whackin them off the ground while swingin em by the back legs, protestors need to back off, we cull our seal population to keep it in check, and we use the entire animal and not everyone can afford to buy the latest an greatest clothing that keeps them dry buy they can hunt a seal an make their boots or jacket or gloves out of the fur for little to nothing, my buddy just came back from the territories where he did a job in a small native community where they went out and caught a 45 ft whale brought it ashore then decided to take what they needed which as he said was only about a 5ft by 5ft chunk of meat out of this animal to feed the the people who caught it and left the rest of the animal on the beach to rot and has been there for months an will continute to be there for a long time because there is so much of it left

  17. Is Ellen aware that Proctor & Gamble (Covergirl) whom she `works for` still tests on animals, as listed on the Vegetarian Site among many others. Does Pamela Anderson still support the UGG franchise whose products are made from sheep SKIN & FUR? Things that make you hmm, as for the seals, we love them too…with dumplings & gravy.

  18. Hello, I’m a Biology major at Memorial University.

    The seal hunt is strictly enforced, humane, logical, vital to the economy of the northern and gulf shores, vital to the control of the seal populations (there’s anywhere from 7.33 million to 10 million seals. Anyone with some idea of ecology or are familiar with the Rabbit-Coyote inverse population relationship should know that if that seal population gets much higher, we’ll have literally millions of seals starving to death on the ice. How animals starving to emaciation and death over 6 months is more “humane” than taking a few seals and killing them instantly is beyond my rational mind), and in comparison to nearly any other animal husbandry, the Newfoundland hunt is not worth batting an eyelash at.

    There is only one arguement about the seal hunt to those who actually know the seal hunt – not the misinformation campaign of terrorist groups such as Greenpeace and PETA- and that arguement is over what type of Bear Newfoundlanders would like to see maul said protestors to death. Right now the Polar Bear is leading the ranks with the Grizzly at a close second. Interestingly the 3rd place isn’t even a bear, It’s a seal itself. since anyone who’s hung around seals know they’re vicious carnivores who’d rip your foot off if given half the chance.

    I’m not going to University to listen to foreigners who’ve never heard of our island spread lies and fantasy to further their own conceited agendas and pocketbooks. I love Ellen, but I hate idiots.

    1. FINALLY someone who makes sense! Seriously people are getting the wrong information about the seal hunt. I’m from Newfoundland too and I absolutely hate people who are ignorant about the topic. They need to educate themselves.

  19. The people who are commenting about seals being beaten to death are idiots, they don’t even do that anymore. Seals don’t get clubbed. They get shot in the head and die humanely, my grandfather is a seal hunter so I know how it goes. Educate yourselves.

      1. Read the newspaper. It is spelled out in black and white for you. Hakapiks are used to club the seals and then shoot them before bleeding them

  20. Celebrities are always taking up causes to keep themselves relevant. Ellen needs to mind her own business….. Maybe, if she really wants to stop a slaughter, she should look in her own back yard and do something about the gun laws in the US before they all shoot each into extinction.
    A well. I guess all those shoes that Ellen wears on her dancing feet are made from man made materials because we all know that as a vegan, she would necessarily be against wearing leather shoes.
    I am a Newfoundlander and am proud of my province and the seal hunt….

  21. Hi,
    I am also a Biology major at Memorial University, however I am not (sadly) a Newfoundlander.

    I have to admit that before all of this I was one of the misinformed. I trusted PETA, and was 100% against the seal hunt.

    I see now that I was wrong. It only took minutes of informing myself before I realized how stupid I’ve been all these years.

    The population of seals has reached nearly 10 million. If humans weren’t in this world, the seals would thrive, they wouldn’t starve, they’d be fine. However that isn’t the case, humans and seals need to SHARE the resource of fish, so their numbers being that high is not good, and has to be controlled.

    PETA also misinformed me that the seals being killed were babies. This isn’t true, and they do this so that it seems worse than it is.

    I’m disappointed in Ellen. If we halt the seal hunt hundreds of thousands of people would probably starve, many would lose their jobs and their livelihoods. One of Newfoundland’s main outsources is fish! How could this wonderful province go on without their main resource? It couldn’t. The people would be poor and the province would become one of the debt-filled ones.

    It really isn’t a choice. This form of hunting is one of the most humane ones. Go look at the way animals in slaughterhouses are treated. Cows slaughtered are pushed into a machine that flips them upside down and then their throats are slit. They aren’t killed, they bleed out. The machine then spits the bleeding cow onto the hard concrete floor and they are suspended in the air by their legs, flailing and bleeding until they die, their eyes full of pain and terror.

    Animal activists (such as myself) should begin their cause at the the cruelest deeds done to animals, not one of the most humane ones.

    The seals live in paradise compared to the animals in slaughterhouses. And they are allowed to live in freedom until the day they’re killed, which is by far a less painful death than them being killed by predators or by starvation.

    Inform yourselves, people! Don’t be tricked by the media.

    1. I totally agree with your post. And I commend you for having the courage to admit that you have changed your opinion once you were properly informed. I hope Ellen does read all of these posts and does her own research.

    2. Well said Julia! I even liked that you wrote that you were not “sadly” a newfie! I am a newfie and I will gladly bestow upon you the rank of “honorary newfie!”

  22. I’m a person who believes if a person wants to be a vegan or meat eater it is their choice. I also believe in killing an animal quick instead of slowley, so the animal don’t suffer too much. . I don’t believe in killing calves for veal, because of the way it is done. Just bring on the cow and thats another story. I also wouldn’t raise my own animals to kill, because you would get attached to them and i would not have the heart to kill them. But when it comes to a persons livleyhood, that will give them money to feed their families, food on the table, and an animal not being wasted. I am behind this 100%, I’m a man that was injured and have minimun income of less than a thousand a month, that you have to pay rent, pay electric bills, forget buying much food, and you have rich people out their downing the way other people live, I’ll tell you, i would love to have a seal dinner anyday.

  23. I am an animal lover. And I am PRO SEAL HUNT. I won’t say anything negative against those who are against it except please get all the facts before condemning the industry. Being a very proud Newfoundlander, it really bothers me whenever this topic comes up. Not because there is anything wrong with the way seals are harvested but because there are people who have been duped into thinking that way and its paints the wrong picture of Newfies. Whenever I hear someone complain about the seal hunt, they talk about the pups(baby seals) being clubbed to death. This is not happening. It is illegal.
    Who remembers when the Mr. Macarthy and his former wife were on the ice with that baby seal? Cute pic right? Guess what probably happened to that baby seal. With the smell of human on it, it was probably killed by its own species. So maybe, instead of doing things to to further the money scamming misinformation (ie. pic with a baby seal or using celebrity status to sway the opinion of others when you don’t have all the facts ), think about the damage you are actually doing to a way of life for the people involved in the seal hunt. I still love watching Ellen but I am really disappointed that she is against something that she obviously doesn’t know about.

  24. Pamela Anderson was on the news for only a few minutes, on what I call, a normal Newfoundland winter day. She was wrapped up like a piñata and from what I could tell, she looked cold. Lol. Try wearing that clothes on the Northern Peninsula and see how warm it is. Not like California eh? Haha. I think you should of took Critches offer because It’s time for you to retire and lay low (shouldn’t be a problem for you). I mean, how can someone who screwed people to get to where they are in life be taken seriously anyway. Lots of fellas clubbed you and abused you, we didn’t try to stop your way of making a living did we?

  25. The Tree huggers should get a life and find something better to do like maybe help the sick and poor.

  26. As far as I’m concerned Pamela Anderson shouldnt have a word in her cheek. She herself has gotten the “Ugg Boots” famous in her wearing of them on Baywatch..Has anyone ever witnessed them in their making?..She should be ashamed of herself!!

  27. Ever get a response? Should also give a link to her site so people can clip parts of this and send to her.

  28. I have copied and pasted this in an Email to the Ellen show and it would be great if others flooded their site with it as well.

  29. Killing seals is cruel? Because of the decline of the hunt, there is an overpopulation of seals, and mothers are leaving their pups (to die) on the ice. How cruel is that. People need to get the image of seals being clubbed out of their minds, that’s just propaganda from groups like PETA and the Sea Shepherd Society. We are not the Faroe Islands, and we are not making shark fin soup.

    I am an animal lover, I own 6 rescued (abused) animals, and foster many more on a regular basis. I am also a Conservationist, and I take protecting our natural resources very seriously. But I hate to think of what will happen if the seal population is not kept in check. Hunters and Trappers are also our eyes on the ground when it comes to the environment, they see what is happening with stocks and the environment and raise their voice when there is an issue.

  30. seal hunting is a lively hood in newfoundland false statements are being made about our people i have been a loyal follower of you since your comedy days unless you know the actual facts about seal hunting in newfoundland I suggest you not join peta every part of the seal is used and nothing discarded I am truly disappointed in you and wll not be a favorite fan of yours stop bashing our people

  31. It is interesting to note during the stunt by Paul and then wife Linda, the only people who actually KILLED whitecoats that year were those two and their ill-informed publicity crew. Because they wanted/needed to get their publicity shots of being concerned about the poor baby seal, its Mother abandoned it. It would do well for these people to be properly informed before going off half-cocked about the perceived abuse of animal rights and welfare. If they had done their research, they would have learned that by being so close to the baby seal for their all important propaganda photo op, the baby seal was actually abandoned and left to slowly starve to death. There are reasons why government legislation forbids hunters from interfering with whitecoats. But when it comes to the millions of dollars they get from such publicity stunts, I guess these animal welfare buffoons believe its worth the life of that poor baby seal.

  32. As a Newfoundlander living in Nunavut I have become even more aware of this debate. I wholeheartedly support the seal hunt. I support hunters who LIVE off of the seal harvest. Here in Nunavut there are families that would and do STARVE if they do not hunt seals. To the ignorant posters who are completely unaware how the rest of canada lives, perhaps you should actually travel and see how much the seal hunt affects people before you post. I live in Iqaluit where every single day families struggle to feed their children. You think its bad in Newfoundland?? Try living in Nunavut where the cost of living is 300% higher then anywhere else. There are families who simply cannot afford to buy food, they rely 100% on what they hunt. Are you going to deny them their freedom to be able to feed themselves?? You live in ‘Canada’ aka Ontario where you can stop into any grocery store and buy anything you desire. Come to Nunavut where ‘fresh produce’ DOES NOT EXIST, or fresh anything for that matter can be bought in a store. There can be weeks on end when the stores do not even have milk, eggs, or bread. Are you going to feed those who cannot feed themselves? Why do you think then that they should be denied to hunt and feed themselves? I am a animal lover, but I believe that its time for people to wake up and see reality. I support the seal hunt in Canada.

  33. Seal skin boots don’t warm families anymore, at least not like it used they are sold for hundreds of dollars. The rich wear them. and although some still use the seal for food (i was raised on it and still eat it) there are too many that just go out to kill to fill their pockets with the almighty dollar. Not everyone, but alot!! Here the seal hunters are anything but starving i can tell you. Driving around in big boats, new trucks, new houses….and throwing the meat over the side of the boat rather than give it to someone who will eat it. Thats the image animal rights activists see, and thats what makes it bad for those who do need the money and the food, to survive!

  34. Won’t someone PLEASE think of the ugly animals! Seriously, these activists are only interested in fundraising on the backs of the cuddly creatures, aided and abetted by weak-minded celebrities. Lets see them go to bat for the cod, Atlantic Salmon, honeybees, etc.

  35. Get your facts straight; they’re not beaten, baby seals aren’t killed and it’s not an abusive good time for toothless Newfoundlanders. It’s a governed and regulated fishery by a first world government, enough said. Let’s move on to important issues like the civil war in Syria

  36. to the person who made the comment about seals hurting other species and require eating a lot of fish to survive, well judging by the growing waist lines of humans I would say we eat a lot more.

    1. If we had the fish to eat at the affordable price waistlines wouldn’t be growing. But then only Newfoundlanders – including disabled retired fishermen – have their food fishery limited so laughably ; that is if it weren’t a crying matter!

  37. Sorry, I simply cannot read anymore about seals. I am salivating about those wonderful seal dishes my mother would prepare, and as a child I would dab a little mustard on the seal along with the pastry and canned green peas. Yummmmmmm.

  38. What a lot of anti-seal hunt people seem to forget is that almost all animals are prey for other animals; nature is not by any means merciful. A quick death from a properly used club or rifle is far more humane than if that seal was attacked by a polar bear or whale. Animals and people need to eat – that’s life. The seal hunt’s methods of killing seals is far kinder than most other predators, whether you like it or not.

  39. I 100% agree. The seal hunt is humane, regulated, and these regulations are strictly enforced. The seal hunt is much more humane than the slaughter of many other animals (i.e.; chickens and cows). Society needs to become educated on this topic prior to voicing their opinions.

    And as for the lady who said that this topic shouldn’t be referred to as the “Canadian seal hunt” but as the “Maritime seal hunt,” educate yourself before you speak. The Atlantic provinces (i.e.; Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) are included in Canada and provinces aside from these also participate in the seal hunt (i.e.; Quebec).

    I am very disappointed In Ellen, or any celebrity for that matter, who opposes the seal hunt but does not take the time to educate themselves on the topic or its regulations. Another example is the recent story regarding Pamela Anderson who offered sealers $1,000,000 to permanently ban the seal hunt. When divided among the fishermen who participate in the hunt, it would give each fishermen $167. I don’t know many people who would end their livelihood for that amount of money.

    While everyone is entitled to an opinion, it should be an educated one!

  40. Do you relies this seal hunt isn’t only benefiting the people who hunt the seals?
    worst is it is mostly benefits all you rich little snobs that join this lying money stealing organization that you people like to call PETA.
    It has been proven to me over and over again that PETA will say and do anything to convince people to give them there money. The saddest part is that PETA is getting the attention of a lot of elderly people and teens who feel the need to give all there money because they feel they can make a difference. While they get nothing in return.
    Then snobs like you and all the rest of the snobby rich stars give some money and get all this publicity.from lying about this seal hunt.
    How many stars support this but doesn’t want a camera stuck in there face to show there support????
    Defiantly not many.
    This is something that has the worlds attention. Is that why all you stars wants to jump in to support it? is the real reason it’s for the attention money and publicity that you are getting from supporting the seal hunt?What is PETAs biggest money maker? Is it the seal hunt? If it’s not I bet it’s on the top of the list.

  41. with all the oil money down east these days there is NO NEED for this inhumane hunt and it sickens me to no end…….there are very good people on the rock but it’s time to take a look at the big picture…..the eco’ is booming and it’s time for change

    1. The Eco is far from booming in our beautiful little corner of the world. And there are far to many families here that go hungry and cold because of the lack of the eco. Some people just don’t have the luxury to walk into a business and snatch up a job as many of our communities have very little employment to offer. People do what they have to do to provide and survive…. its that simple.

    2. Boom or no boom, people all over Canada hunt for food! So u would suggest all hunting cease? So…. You don’t eat! Where in the name of god do u think all the good we eat comes from if not animals if one type or another. What will you do when we become over populated with all these animals?

  42. Also if I recall 3-4 hundred years ago it was quoted that you could walk on the cod as they were so abundant…….the crutch of ” seals eat the cod” is both old and wrong

  43. Ellen and a these celebs, should point their efforts where it mattera, maybe turn to their own government on the cruel hunting of humans in foreign countries they have invaded in the name of freedom

  44. I suppose we are just supposed to stop killing all animals and let them take over the world huh. I wonder….if one of these celebrities had a mouse or rat in their house or a bug infestation….would they live with it out of humane concern or would they call an exterminater….. food for thought… if they are going to complain about seals and other animals…these so called “pests” should also be included in their campaign don’t you think.

    1. Under their parent company Procter & Gamble, CoverGirl is one of the largest companies conducting animal testing in the United States — even though P&G says they’ve discontinued animal testing on 80% of their products. Do the remaining 20% of animals not have a voice then? Ellen works for covergirl, doesn’t she?

  45. Its amazing how those celebrities are on big campaigns against the killing of animals yet are big supporters of abortions (killing of unborn babies)!!! Ellen is a vegan – ha ha – its OK to eat vegetables which is plant life given by the God of the universe!! How mixed up people really are. Newfoundlanders are wonderful people and should continue with the seal hunts and ignore the opinions of celebrities who have too much money and popularity!!
    By the way I am a Scottish Canadian!

  46. i am a Newfoundlander . Growing up I saw the necessity of the seal hunt for survival and I support the seal hunt . I do not eat meat but that does not change the facts why the seal hunt is necessary . .

  47. I seem to remember a time when Ellen made some rude remarks about Newfoundlanders..People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The seal fishery is a way of life for many and who are you to judge on a subject you know nothing about. Do you use electricity, drive a car, ride in a plane? These are only a few things that contribute to global warming. If the ice disappears “so does the seals Girlfriend.”….So Ellen unless you have no sins of your own well then and only then should you become involved in something that you have absolutely no clue about.

  48. This is not the first time she has outright attacked newfoundlanders, One of her very short lived tv shows in the 80’s or 90’s she made fun of our culture. I forget the name of the show but I remmber it having very poor ratings…

  49. Why doesn’t the media ask both Ellen & Pamela , if they know what is done to sheep to get a pair of UGGS.

  50. To all those misinformed people who are against the seal hunt I have one question; Do you really want to see how many thousands of people and seals would die of starvation if this strong, viable industry were halted?

  51. I love seal meat we would get it once a year , Newfoundlander live of the land and sea I live in Pa and I’m proud to be from Newfoundland . only 5% of USA know were Newfoundland is to being with anyway and know nothings about us and our way of living so they should stay in their own back yard and worry about what is going on in their own county .more people are being killed in USA then seal in Newfoundland .We kill seals to survive . They should be more worry about the killing of people and the homeless then seals . One of the richest country in the world and they can’t give their soldiers a home and the poor health insurance and forget about England . People that live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones .

  52. Maybe these celebrities should put their money to better use like banning drugs that are killing them off. Every day some celebrity is over dosing. Ellen is against bullying. Yeah right. That’s what she’s doing bullying us with her fame and money. Get informed Ellen before getting involved in some thing you know nothing a bout. Some people depend on this to feed their families. Sorry we all be rich and famous like you.

  53. Ellen is giving this money to The Humane Society of the United States. Why do they need it?? They stated an profit of $127,000,000.00 in 2012 and over $160 million in 2009 with only 1% of that actually going to support shelters. Check them out on Wikipediia for more information. My question is why do they need more and where does the rest of it go. Ellen needs to do more research before she becomes a bleeding heart for anything. She buys into whatever her researches and staff presents to her. This is where here lack of intelligence shows it’s true color. If she was smart at all she would come to Newfoundland or the Magdellan Islands and check it out for herself before condemning a way of life that has been sustained for thousands of years.

  54. This is a crock of you know what. Before Ellen starts bashing Canadian Sealers she needs to get her facts straight. This is a sustainable hunt that has gone on for thousands of years and fully supported and maintained by the National Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Even Greenpeace has given it the seal of approval. The Whitecoat is not hunted now and has not been hunted since 1987, These are mature self sufficient animals that are culled to help sustain the herd. There are presently over 9 million animals in the ocean and that is supported by a yearly count. These animals, and that is what they are, not cute cuddly babies, are now showing up as far south as South Carolina. Once they start to attack the shrimp grounds in the US the American people and government will have a change of attitude as to how cute they really are. Get educated before you jump on the band wagon. If you believe everything you are told without getting the facts then you will also fall for everthing!

  55. Well said. Now if Ellen will actually read this and listen!!!! I loved Ellen, but if this is the view she has then I’m turning off my TV! Keep up the great work Christopher.

  56. Why don’t these “Celebrities” worry about whats going on in their own Country. In Alaska, there is a huge Sealing hunt,Whale Hunt and whatever else they can kill hunt. I just visited there for work, and they shut down towns, Oil rigs and whatever else it takes to allow this hunt for anything. Someone should bring this to their attention!!!


  58. Reblogged this on IN THE KNOW and commented:
    I wish these people would do their homework and get the right information before making assumptions & following the rest of these people & ultimately looking like an idiot. I’m so disappointed in you Ellen. Shame.

    1. You don’t believe in what you wrote or you would have had the guts to sign your name. You are probably nor from rural Newfoundland or had to depend on the fishery or the seal harvest to survive.

      1. His name is Christopher Mitchelmoore. After his statement, it says live rural nl then under it Christopher Mitchelmoore

      2. Says the person who posted Anonymously. And if you look at all you can clearly see that his name is Chris. And there is an “About Live Rural NL”, PLUS, he actually signed this blog post with his full name, it’s called reading the whole thing before you complain/disagree about something.

  59. Seals are cute. Dolphins are cute. Throw in Panda bears and Koalas. If you want to raise money, show cute animals getting killed. It drives people crazy and they reach for their wallets. You don’t hear a lot about “save the snakes”. If you have a good pic of a baby seal getting clubbed, even if it’s 30 years old, be sure to use it. They’re like gold!

  60. I grew up in a small newfoundland community with the most caring and compassionate people.These people fed their families from the sea and the land and most in rural newfoundland still do today.Sadly I was forced to leave to find work .one of the first things I noticed in my new home was baby calves tied up in little molded plastic huts.No room to move and in extremely hot tempertatures,these animals lived THERE until sent to market to be slaughtered .This is Veal ,eaten by thousands every day.At least our seals live a normal life until used for food.I love you Ellen and think you a very caring person but children have to be fed with what means is available .I wonder if you were a parent with an annual income below poverty line and had a chance to supplement it sealing,would the seal hunt look more humane, JUST MY OPINION !

  61. i love ellen…… but it seems, she too has been a victim of pure propaganda. like chris stated above please ellen come to rural newfoundland and labrador, see for yourself how we conduct our seal industry. we arent barbarians. actually you will find the total opposite. kind, caring, open our doors to anyone, stranger or friend. i hope you take to heart the ramifications of the stop the seal hunt, that will affect us here in canada. not everyone is a celebrity ellen, use the power of celebrity to voice real problems in our world today, not condemn those who are trying to make a honest living to feed their families.

  62. Geeze, I hope that if “Ellen” do decide to come and see first hand what goes on in the seal fishery(which I highly doubt) , she don’t end up in PEI, like the other genius Paul McCartney, Or, get run out of town with a Million dollars like Pam Anderson….

  63. Just wondering aloud here, where are all those publicity-seeking deadbeats when the very HUMANE practices of “running of the bulls” or the fine tradition of the english “fox-hunt” take place every year?? Are they around those places seeking an end to the “cruel, inhumane” way these animals are (mis) treated??? Didn’t think so,,,,,,

  64. ellen is a covergirl, research covergirl, they used to do animal testing, they may not now, or they may still but if she trully believed what she preaches she would have nothing to do with a company or organization that once allowed animals to be tested for the purposes of women looking “beautiful” … its like being associated, with anything that goes against what u beoieve in, why have any part of it, except for the almighty dollar.

    1. According to info on the web they still test about 20% of their products on animals. Wonder what she thinks of that?

  65. Ellen, I feel,,is entitled to her opinion as is any other humans. One comment stating HER opinion,(re., the seal hunt, regardless being misinformed or not , and she’s publicly attacked. altho i don’t agree with her opinion, i cannot feel nothing but respect for her love and Kindness to society. she , without a doubt ,is one of the many celebrities who has the biggest heart ,She’s helped many of the homeless, shes given so very much to families of our troops, certainly helped the homeless, not to mention many sick childrens dreams. the love of helping very needy families, rebuilding homes for fire victims , surprising funds for extremely needy students, challenged individuals getting a better start in life. The list goes on, and on and on. Having said this , my thoughts are , stay calm, give respectful comments and don’t let one negative outweigh all her positives. Thank-you for reading.

  66. When the day comes that I enter a Supermarket and they don’t sell animal meat for human consumption then I will give up supporting the Seal hunt. Until that day I will continue to eat Seal meat and support the hunt.

  67. Ellen, Sir Paul or our own Pamela, aren’t they all educated people, celebrities even, real everyday people who supposedly make informed decisions based on fact. Fact is, this PETA et al’ group are nothing other than a scurrilous bunch who spread lies and mis-information to the unsuspecting, gullible celebrities with money to pay for their excursions around the world. Today it’s Newfoundland, tomorrow it will be somewhere else. If Ellen wants to spend her money wisely she should first take a trip to Newfoundland(not PEI like Sir Paul) and learn for herself what this seal hunt is all about, and that goes for all the other anonymous idiots who think they know it all. Maybe then Ms. Ellen can go back to her show and inform her audience. Oh yeah, by the way, we haven’t heard from Sir Paul or Pamela since they paid us a visit based on thier

  68. Isnt ellen a spokesperson for cover girl? Guess nobody told her they test their products on animals. Also doesnt pam anderson support the whole ugg thing? Shes obviously a big fan of wearing sheep skin and wool

  69. I am a newfoundlander and I do not eat meat, but I am not against the seal hunt or people who eat meat stop putting vegans or vegetarians all in the same mind set…you sound just as bad as people who put newfoundlandrs into the same lump….

  70. Does anyone realize the impact that seals have on the fishery? Their 2 main sources of food are cod and female crab. They eat the female crab because they are smaller and weaker then the male crab, which is going to hugely impact the crab fishery. How can we have a crab fishery if the seals are eatting the reproducing crabs? Eventually, they will deplete and the fishery will close. Also, the cod stocks are finally starting to replenish. The over population of the seals will not help this, but end up closing the cod fishery again. That will be 2 main fisheries that could close in Newfoundland because celebries think of seals as adorable, which they are, just like I think moose are adorable, beautiful animals, but I would gladly shoot one when its my license year so I can provide food for my family!

  71. PETA and Greenpeace use the image of the innocent baby white coat to trick ignorant people like Ellen. They need money from fools like Ellen to keep their ridiculous organizations going.

  72. I think Helen should take a trip to the hunt to familiarize her self with what is happening there.Maybe the girl from Kilbride that was on her show a couple times could go with her and be a spokeswoman for Nfld I believe her name was Kerri.If Kerri asks her she might come tO Nl

  73. Some people have too much time on their hands. They should have had kids so they could focus on things they could understand rather than a source they can’t get their minds around.
    It is very disappointing when seeing someone spouting off about something they have no idea about. It’s time for these people who can defend abortion and other issues did a little research on important issues such as seal hunt in NL, just to name one.

  74. Fast ships such as Tankers,Cruise Liners and Container Vessels kill more wildlife in a much more hideous manner ferrying your miserable carcass,fancy togs and makeup around the globe than all the local fisher folk in the industry combined.As far as all you holier than thou haughty types,in my opinion,ignorance is not bliss.

  75. I’m not really going to get into details but I am going to side with Ellen on this. Not only because I’m against the seal hunt (and I am a Newfoundlander), but Ellen is well-known to the public as a vegan and has been for years. Vegans do not believe in eating, killing, or harming animals in any way. Regulated or not, vegans do not believe in this. Therefore, to come against her for standing up for what she always has is pretty dumb. Of course she’s against the seal hunt, it wouldn’t make any sense/would be weird if she wasn’t.

    1. I respect those for being vegan and their beliefs. My concern comes from celebrities that are using their status to allocate funds to anti-sealing groups that misrepresent the regulated, humane and sustainable Canadian Seal Hunt.

  76. I find this unreal al PETA records when it comes to saving dogs And cats are bad they kill more than there saving they need to out more into saving these animals and maybe also the pill bull where thousand are being put down daly inocent dogs healthy dogs all because they don’t have a home such as the high kill shelter in New York just maybe you should go after these shelter who should be protecting these animals not killing them

  77. All I got to say is the seal skin gloves that my Dad bought me for Christmas have been keeping my hands from getting frost bite on a number of mornings here in Northern Alberta. Since moving away from my small community in NL to find work I have become more aware of the ignorance in Canada and the USA about the seal hunt. People need to get their facts before making comments on something they have no idea about. We all have to provide for our families and that is what it comes down to. Not everyone can make a living acting, as a playmate, hosting a show, or being a musician. Not everyone can pack up and move away to find a different line of work like I had to. Keep on providing for your families bys’!

  78. i am very proud of what you wrote ,some people have to stand up for us fishermen ,I have been hunting seals all of my life it is a big part of my life ,you spoke about hard ships ,if it wasn t for the seal hunt when I was hunger I wood of went hungry good many time s it was a good sores of my in come ,so I thank you very much for standing up for us keep up the good work ..

  79. Well everyone has the right to opinion so here’s mine. This whole issue is no reason to boycott the ellen de generous show as many canadians love watching the good things she does it seems you just pinked the one mistake she made which Is also not her fault because as you said urself she was ” misinformed ” and she thought she was doing a good thing . My thought on this whole thing is that seals are from the same group as humans since they are mammals which begs the question since humans are so overpopulated is it also ” humane to eliminate us because there’s millions upon millions ? ” your way of thinking is obscured and one sided I for one love watching ellen de generous for the fact that she is very kind, giving and compassionate about others. And that’s the kind of thing the world needs more of .

    1. Hi Chelsey. Thank you for taking the time to post your opinion on my blog. There is no question, Ellen has done some very kind, giving and compassionate things in her career. However, her stance on the Canadian seal hunt is one in which she is using abusing her status as a celebrity and is certainly not very kind, giving or compassionate to those who earn their living from the sea.

  80. What does Ellen Degeneres get out of lying about innocent fishermen whose home she probably couldn’t identify on a map? It’s not like she needs the attention, or any money she might get, she’s not exactly poor. She’s making an awful lot more a year than these people raise families on. Did she not even bother to check the validity of what she was being told before she started destroying people’s livelihoods? This has been going on for over forty years. Isn’t it time people like her listened to us? She needs to apologize, at the very least.

  81. It blows my mind that a fellow newfie would speak out against us. Yes everyone has their opinion and maybe her show shouldn’t be boycotted but fisherman of Newfoundland need support! The seal industry is very important.people don’t realize that eventually there will be no more oil, we need other sources for jobs. If we let the seals over populate, they will ruin the cod and crab fishery. What will we do then?

    1. Its not that I am speaking out against fellow newfies But we have to get real, Man up and stop crying about people trying to stop the seal hunt /clubbing of seals. Instead fellow seal hunters needs to admit yes the clubbing of seals has happened and still is. Say yes, We are not the ones doing it BUT we will work with who ever it takes to stop it from happening. So true fisherman/seal hunter can continue making a living, respectably. Like I said it only takes a few people to give a whole group of people a bad name.

  82. I live here in Alberta and have been for quite a few years.These people talk of killing seals as a barbaric act,what about the fact that it’s ok to kill porcupines and coyotes,no license needed,people need to understand that sometimes culling is necessary in order to protect other life sustainable resources,such as the cod fishery.

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