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Massive Icebergs on the Loose in Goose Cove, NL – Draw Crowds

Icebergs surround the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. They have been spotted in Conche and can be seen from Sailer Jack’s Lookout, St. Carol’s, St. Lunaire-Griqurt, L’Anse Aux Meadows, Englee, St. Anthony and Goose Cove.

I had the privilege of driving to Goose Cove, NL today. It is another picturesque Town that is not far off Route 430, a mere 8 km from St. Anthony.  Although it gets much traffic, it does not see 30,000+ visitors that other attractions see. Locals know – so I encourage you to add Goose Cove, NL to your travel plans when driving the Great Northern Peninsula for your Rural Inspired Travel Experience (RITE)

Today, there is an extremely large drawing card with towering ice mountains that could be spotted from the harbour.

Here they are peeking out….

I had to get a closer look…

They were just breath-taking. On my return from the Pumley Cove Trail, I opted to take one last sneak peek of the bergs by the wintertime sleds.

There were so many wonderful photo opportunities that I’ve decided to post a second part and continue my Goose Cove Story. So hop in your car and get up to Goose Cove – before they are gone!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher C. Mitchelmore


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