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A Walk on the Pier – Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles


Manhattan Pier, Los Angeles

Live Rural Newfoundland Author visited the other West Coast at the edge of the Pacific Ocean as he walked along Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles.

After a few days in Las Vegas with friends, he decided to take a cheap Spirit Airlines flight to Los Angeles for just $55 CDN. I recommend and support the low-cost airlines and utilized them throughout my time in Europe. One may wish to visit to search the skies for the cheapest flights. You may even find one to the other west coast to Deer Lake Regional Airport.

Fishing from the Pier

The Ocean Trolley brought me to Manhattan Beach a return trip for just $5.00. It was a great business model of one fee to pick up visitors and have a great circle route.  

The sun was beaming, as I walked to the pier. I saw a couple of people fishing from the pier. There was a place to get ice-cream and cafe with an amazing view at the end of the pier. As well, there were a number of volleyball nets and a lifeguard tower with yellow truck. It brought me back to the Baywatch years. The streets were filled with small business, local restaurants and shops.

The second stop on the trolley stopped at a larger commercial area for extended shopping. However, I liked the previous streets of unique proprietors. The final stop was filled with rows of restaurants. One could pick and choose the taste desired.  

Seagull on the pier


The beach is beautiful. The ability to have good transportation to tourism attractions greatly increases the opportunity for the small business operator to achieve greater success.
Greater investment is needed to investigate an offer of public transit throughout the rural regions of Great Northern Peninsula, especially within the tourism season.
Live Rural NL –
Christopher C. Mitchelmore


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