Fairy Tales in Red Head Cove

Cairn at Red Head Cove

Earlier this Spring, I took the trail in Red Head Cove. It begins just across from the Recreation Centre. You can’t miss the Big Red Chair! There is a boardwalk and lots of interpretation about berries, flowers and wildlife along the route.

There’s lots to see, such as a small pond and places to rest along the way. I wasn’t prepared for all the snow along the trail, when a little to the south in Grate’s Cove there was virtually none. An interesting aspect of this trail is the Fairy Well and the warning to watch out for the fairies.

Lots of people would fear the fairies, people would be superstitious and turn their clothing inside out when berry picking to avoid being taken by the fairies.

It seems like this superstition also holds true on the Baie de Verde Peninsula.

Memorial Benches are placed on the trail

In summer there’s an area for gathering and activity. As you go further along the trail, you will find an enclosed building with more information about the islands and surrounding areas.

There’s something magical about the Baccalieu View Trail in Red Head Cove. A 3.7 KM trail return. You can also take or leave a book at the Little Free Library at the trail entrance.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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