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The Community-University Recovery and Research Alliance (CURRA) based at Bonne Bay Marine Station, Norris Point has been working on a number of projects, primarily with those impacted by the closure of the cod fishery.

Recently, the Provincial Government commissioned a Fisheries M.O.U., which calls for a $450 million from government to re-structure the fishery and reduce the harvesters by up to 80 percent. Fisheries Minister, Clyde Jackman basically has sent it back to the drawing board as government isn’t prepared to make this investment to re-structure. It may not be necessarily the best approach.

I am deeply concerned. Our Rural economies can have a successful future in the fishery – If the local regions had greater control of the resources, the rural economies would reap greater benefits. One only has to compare the Fogo Island Fisheries Co-operative. It has been highly successful for fishers, plant workers and local members/shareholders of the co-op. Last year, this co-operative was the only processor willing to pay $1.35 /lb for crab, where other larger processers claimed the price was far too high. Being community-minded held it dispelled from ASP.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s fishery today is still too monopolistic, which enables a few processors to reap all benefits at the expense of the rural economy. We need fishers and others to speak up and ensure that rural economies reap maximum benefits from local resources.

You opportunity to do so is through CURRA’s Newsletter. See email below:

Hello folks,The CURRA newsletter will be coming out in early April. The deadline for submissions is March 31.   I encourage you to send me short items for insertion in the newsletter.  Suggestions for items:  Upcoming community and academic events, brief descriptions of research, comments on the MOU or fishing issues in your area.  Items will be edited for brevity.  All photos are welcome. Anita BestComment on the MOU at ============================= Anita Best
Community Coordinator
CURRABonne Bay Marine Station PO Box 69, Norris Point, NL  A0K 3V0    Telephone: 709-458-3014 Fax: 709-458-2605 Mobile:  709-458-8403email: website:

One must speak up to help create a wave of change for a brighter future in our local fisheries.

Live Rural NL-
Christopher Mitchelmore

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