Norstead – Viking Village & Port of Trade

The Norstead Viking Village at L’Anse aux Meadows only 2 kms from The UNESCO World Heritage Viking Site  has been identified as one Canada’s top ten ‘Hidden Travel Gems’. It’s part of the Canadian Tourism Commission‘s ‘Locals Know‘ campaign. The Norstead site comes in at number 9 on the list that is determined by Canadians themselves from coast to coast. Other top ten picks include Georgian Bay in Ontario, the annual Caribana festival in Toronto and Long Beach, Vancouver Island. Read more…

I re-visited Norstead on Friday,  July 8, 2011. However these photos were June 18, 2011. An well-built pathway leads you to the Viking Village. There you will pass a garden, Willie the Pig and be greeted by Lambi who is caretaker of the Snorri (Norse Ship – the replica sailed from Greenland, re-creating Leif Ericsson‘s journey as part of the Viking 1,000 Celebrations in 1997).

The Village has much to offer visitors – including locals that play the role of Viking Characters, buildings include the Boat House, Chieftain’s Hall, Church and Blacksmith Shop. If you come at the right time, you may even get your fortune told from Runes.

One can touch objects and take the time to understand what life would be like in a Viking Village some 1,000 years ago. One can throw axes at a stack of firewood or play 9 Man Mill. The 9 Man Mill can be purchased at the gift shop for just $30.00. As a collector of board games it is something I will have to purchase in the very near future.

My friend Ryley plays a game of 9 Man Mill will Viking Sven. Thank you Sven for staying a little later than normal, as it added to his Great Northern Peninsula experience.

Norstead is a gem on the Great Northern Peninsula. If you have never been or it has been awhile, well add the Viking Village and Port of Trade to your to do list this summer. I’ve been there twice already this season and many times last season. Truly a unique experience each time. Ensure to share a laugh and learn a lot from Lambi! He is quite the character.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher C. Mitchelmore



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