Descending the Governor’s Stairway after climbing Tortoise Mountain

Descending the Governor’s Staircase

Recent hiking groups have certainly created additional awareness of the pure beauty that exists surrounding these communities and they were indeed added to my hiking destination list for summer.

Beach at Blow Me Down Provincial Park

The Governor’s Stairway and Viewing Observation Deck is maintained by the Blow Me Down Provincial Park staff and the trail continues several kilometres to include Molly Hill, Minnie Hill, Flapper Hill and Tortoise Mountain.

The entry to this trail is at Blow Me Down Provincial Park. You will have to pay an entry fee for your vehicle of $10 if you are not camping or do not have a seasonal pass. The staff will provide you with answers and give you directions to the parking lots near the day use areas. They have a beautiful beach to enjoy as well.

There are two options but I highly recommend you take the stairs at the top where the sign “James Cook Heritage Trail” is located and climb the 200 stairs first and then on the way back detour and descend via the Governor’s Stairway. You will capture much nicer photos this way.

The return journey to Lark Harbour Head on this linear trail is about 5.5 KM return. The ascent at the beginning is definitely the most challenging aspect of the trail, which are very well maintained. Once st the observation tower there may be one or two inclines to the end but quite manageable. Trail was mostly dry with the exception of a couple of muddy areas.

There are breathtaking views of Lark Harbour and the surrounding topography when at the top. We saw fishing boats below and enjoyed the natural surroundings.

You will fall in love with the beauty that is the Bay of Islands while walking this trail. It is one that is loved by locals and visitors alike. At the very end of the trail you can sit for hours and just take in the spectacular scenery and truly find yourself.

Near the bottom of the stairs there is a sign directly you left for the Governor’s Stairway. This is where you can take the rock photos and walk along the beach at the end to your vehicle.

The Rock at the Governor’s Stairway

I hope you all enjoy visiting Blow Me Down Provincial Park as much as I did on my visit and look forward to returning in the future.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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