Random but Fun Observations from the Urban Holiday Travels

Here are a few observances from our few days in the Capital:

It is important to Think Swiss! It seems we are consuming their culture with their chocolates, fondue, cheeses and even watches.

We could not pass this up as we passed Stokes at the Avalon Mall:

That even German‘s can like brands such as Tassimo. It became a used nickname for a brief period of time:

Even politicians have a sweet tooth! Since being elected on October 11, 2011, I wanted to have a DQ Blizzard. I am not sure why, maybe it goes back to my first year University when Dairy Queen was just down the hill. I’ve been to the city several times but never managed. After Dick’s Fish & Chips and a big roast beef supper at my sister’s house I did manage a small blizzard. SUCCESS!

There is something fun about going to a theatre and picking a random movie. We chose “The Sitter”. We did not know what it was about – storyline or reviews. After sitting in the theatre for a while we noticed it was filled mainly with women or couples – being three guys our biggest fear was this would be a complete “chick” flick. We were not disappointed, we have no expectation and I do not think I laughed so much in the theatre ever. Sometimes group laughter is the best therapy.

Only in Canada…..two drive through lines for coffee at Time Hortons

Although this past Thursday I stopped at MacDonald’s in Grand Falls-Windsor and they as well had two drive-thru lines.

Sometimes we need to stop and enjoy the simpler moments in our lives, share the laughter and celebrate randomness with friends and family.

Live Rural NL

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

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