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A Breath of Fresh Air With Let Them Be Kids Playground Project
Dedicated to Fallen Soldier Corporal Chad O’Quinn
Build Day & Dedication Ceremony: June 22nd, 2013

THE BIG NEWS…On January 18th, 2013, Cook’s Harbour, Boat Harbour and Wild Bight were granted a National Let Them Be Kids Helping Hands Award!!! A Public announcement followed on February 15, 2013.  You can imagine the excitement of the kids and anticipation at our Announcement Event

The award provides a 50/50 matching grant towards the purchase of playground equipment, as well as support, training and resources to help make our community’s project successful. Every 50¢ we raise will result in $1 in buying power!

Think about it, for years now, the children of James Cook Memorial have dreamed of a playground filled with fun! We are located 53kms from the nearest playground or any recreational facility.  The children and youth of our three communities face numerous barriers that limit their access to and participation in recreation, sport, and physical activity.

Children who grow up with a safe accessible playground gather with friends and come up with creative games. They run around, building relationships. They pretend they can do and be anything. They are astronauts, pilots, teachers, superheroes, gymnasts, world famous ballerinas, police men or firefighters. They believe in the beauty of their dreams! Playgrounds are magical in that way, they transform your thinking.

The people of Cook’s Harbour, Boat Harbour & Wild Bight have been given an amazing opportunity to provide this dream for our children.  The greater impact of this project will carry forward to reach well beyond constructing a new playground. It will provide our youth with opportunities that will foster self growth, independence and leadership skills, encouraging them to take an active role in their community and create future community leaders. It will also restore pride and ownership in our area by bringing together the three communities of Cook’s Harbour, Wild Bight and Boat Harbour.  It will encourage our neighbouring communities and visitors from away to stay longer in our area and promote tourism and business growth.

This project will certainly have long-term benefits to everyone involved! Various people will be present on Build Day including representatives from our equipment supplier, our coach, Let Them be Kids representative and members of our Legion as well as friends and family of Corporal O’Quinn and Military personal. There will be extensive news coverage through newspapers, CBC and NTV television, and our live web cast on the National Let Them Be Kids Website. In other words it will be widely covered!

Further Information about Build Day or donations can be found on our website below.

Glenda Pittman
Chairperson of Committee

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