Spending an afternoon in Conche

The Beauty Spot of the North is getting its last section of road paved as we speak and am I ever excited because this vibrant fishing community has a lot to offer the entire world.

View from Sailor Jack’s Hill

Don’t let the sign saying 26 KM deter you, as the road will not be fully paved and well the distance is actually shorter, more like 20 KM.

I’ve been to Conche dozens of times and was very happy to travel there with my family and two little nephews on an excursion. Our first stop was at Sailor Jack’s Hill, where several stairs will take you to a viewing platform, binoculars and rest area that offers panoramic views from Crouse to Conche.

The fishing rooms of Crouse

I love driving into Crouse to see the red fishing rooms with the painted white crosses and the fishing boats on this area of Conche. You can also enjoy the Captain Coupelongue Trail from here!

The next stop was the magnificent French Shore Interpretation Centre. It is a must see on your list to see such a unique tapestry that is 222 ft using the Bayeux stitch, similar to tapestries founded in Brittany, France neatly 1,000 years ago. It tells the story of the beginning to present day and took the women of Conche, three years to complete. They have done something transformative for their community.

French Shore Tapestry

At the Interpretation Center you can visit the main museum exhibit with community artifacts and the temporary exhibit displaying “doily” textiles. There is a French boat or Chaloupe exhibit and many other community properties that the Heritage Society maintains.

They have a French bread oven, a seating area and a lovely gift shop.

Next on the to do list is a visit to the plane crash site. This is also the departure for your trip to the breathtaking Glass Hole hiking trail. The 1942 Plane Crash Site is located in the Stage Cove area of the Town of Conche. It contains the wreck of a Boston (Douglas DB-7), in a grassy area.

After viewing this wreckage, we decided to travel down by the fish plant and the wharf to view the lighthouse.

We continued the harbour drive past Lars’ Place and the Stairs and stopped at the Casey Store. This property was built around 1904 and includes a storyboard, flake and some artifacts. There is outdoor art and a nice beach.

Casey Store

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Conche, NL. It is a destination that you must add to you to experience list!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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