1. I too have explored Fogo. I stayed in a snazzy B&B with a friend and had a tour of the fabulous Inn, as well as enjoying Tilting and its neighbouring sands. The second time I went with the Fungal Foray, stayed in a less glamourous but funky old house, and saw, ate and painted a lot of fungi and lichens, with an excellent crowd of enthusiasts. We were also given a reception by Zita Cobb at the aforementioned fab Inn. How smart are they on Fogo? Also very cool.
    Christopher, did you know that the Fungal Foray is coming to the GNP next September? I hope to see you then. xJ

    1. I love Fogo. They are doing incredible things on that island. The Mushroom Foray has been on the Peninsula before, is it every second year? Please send a long some information on it to me.

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