Wrecks & Rescues at North Boat Harbour

North Boat Harbour is a quiet little fishing community at the end of an 8 kilometre gravel road with a very tiny population on the Great Northern Peninsula.

An overturned wooden boat is a welcome sign with some gazebos at the entry way to the Highlands boardwalk of North Boat Harbour. An interpretative panel highlights the wrecks and rescues that have occurred in the area. One shipwreck may be the SS Energy Empire that ran aground on the rocks near Big Brook was noted as a total loss in November 1941. Although this gateway and rest area has seen better days and would benefit from some re-investment.

SS Empire Energy

Fishing wharves, wood piles, crab pots, colourful sheds and root cellars are up for those who wish to walk around the shorelines and explore.

One can often watch for icebergs along this stretch of road and also get to see whales and bird life. I recommend taking the road as well to Cape Norman Lighthouse. You can also walk Whale Point trail at Wild Bight. Unique rock formations will impress on the journey.

I always enjoyed my time visiting North Boat Harbour and the chat with some of the Woodwards. It’s always nice to experience off the beaten path and find a hidden gem.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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