Woody Point is a unique starting point on your trek up the Great Northern Peninsula


A few weeks ago, I took a vacation and spent a couple of days in the Town of Woody Point. I was greatly impressed by their overall product offering that promotes one another’s small business and supports overall growth in the region.

The Mission of the Town of Woody Point is to provide a lead role in the promotion, sustainable development, and protection of our natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, through ensuring the support of the community while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of the lifestyle of our citizens – http://www.woodypoint.ca 

I took Route 431 at Wiltondale and checked in at the office at Aunt Jane’s Place, which their gift shop resembled a general store. The old-fashion cash register was a nice touch. I collected the keys to Uncle Steve’s Place, which was a traditional salt box home built in the late 1800’s. This was referred by Darlene Thomas of Seaside Suites, as they were booked for the weekend. Thank you!

Woody Point is famous for its annual Writer’s at Woody Point Festival in August, which draws some of the province’s biggest literary names. It continues to be a thriving success!

Woody Point and area has a wonderful business district that includes:

Craft Shops

  • Hunky Dory Folk Art
  • Aunt Maggie’s Homespun
  • Molly Made
  • Seaside Souvenirs
  • Galliott’s Studios
  • Jersey Rooms Crafts
  • The Sample Room
  • Lise Sorenson Art Studio
  • Christine Koch Art Studio

Where to Eat

Where to Stay

Other Local Businesses and services:

  • Pete’s One Stop Grocery
  • Granite Coffee House Laundromat
  • 3T’s Convenience Store
  • 3T’s Fish Plant
  • Martin’s Garage and Liquor Store
  • Martin’s Transportation
  • Post Office
  • Churches
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • E.L. Roberts Library
  • Woody Point Heritage Theatre

Nightly entertainment is extremely important to any tourist visiting an area and will extend the stay. I likely would have only booked just one night and moved on, however, there was nightly entertainment offered at the Merchant Warehouse throughout the weekend. After hearing Jeff Quilty was playing, I knew it would be worth a second night as I love his traditional Irish and Celtic styling.

Just outside Uncle Steve’s Place was “Molly Made”. I’ve seen her rug hooking kits for sale at places like Grenfell Historic Properties, St. Anthony and other venues. However, it was a real treat to drop by her shop and see the studio where all the magic happens. It was also nice to see how this business supported others selling “Aunt Maggie’s Homespun” products. I bought I lovely set of mittens and a rug-hooked mummer for my Christmas tree.

The area is easy to navigate for the novice tourist, as there are directional signs helping you find the business and places you wanted to experience. There are printed maps outlining what is available in the region and the Town itself is highly walk-able. This is an attractive feature! I truly enjoyed all the vernacular architecture, the food and entertainment at the Merchant Warehouse, dart night at the Legion, seeing Coldwater Cowboy Todd Young, his vessel, taking the water taxi to Norris Point and enjoying the natural beauty of the area. In addition we visited neighbouring Trout River, the Tablelands World UNESCO site and the Bonne Bay Marine Station in Norris Point.

There is so much to see and do, even in just a couple of days you can fit lots in. I would have loved to have watched a show at the Theatre, however, I had to make the short trek to Deer Lake to pick up my friends. We ended up dining at The Loft restaurant which has a unique atmosphere. I highly recommend the halibut, it was cooked to perfection.

I really enjoyed the co-operation between the business community to support one another and encourage you to experience all the Town and what neighbouring communities had to offer. It provides a very good selling point for the Town and the region. They truly benefit from collaboration and will see further growth and new business opportunities created through these partnerships. A wonderful couple of days, with incredible customer service! I look forward to future visits.

Woody Point is a great starting point as you make your trek up the Great Northern Peninsula.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA

The Straits-White Bay North



  1. too many people head straight off the boat in port aux basques to the national park & miss so many beautiful areas along the way. i am lucky enough to meet a lot of tourist in “the grand codroy park” in doyles before they head north so i get the oppertunity to give them any information we have to offer. i was so nice when you could cross the bay in the ferry from woddy point.

  2. i spent a weekend there a few years ago, i absolutely loved it, so peaceful and beautiful

  3. Good article. Yes, Woody Point is the jewel of Gros Morne. The surrounding towns on both sides of Bonne bay are special too. You never really mentioned the Lighthouse in Woody Point. It’s a wonderful place to visit. Just sit on the rock there, look out on the bay and enjoy the scene. No problem seeing whales and local fishing boats going by. It’s truly an awesome icon of the community. If you want a really good time besides Jeff, drop into one of the kitchen parties at the Merchant Warehouse. The Boys will give you an authentic Nfld “time”.

  4. You named off accommodations and missed quite a few all of which are listed on the town of Woody Point’s website. There are also a lot more attractions that you missed. There is a local boat tour. Amongst other things. You really should check out the website.

  5. We was there some years back and we loved it and hope to return one day. The people are some of the friendlyes we have ever met. Just love it their.

  6. Thanks for a great article with wonderful pics about the town of Woody Point where my wife Kathy and I have retired. We love it here! The jewel of Gros Morne, we think! Hope you take in the music of Bill Coates(great accordion player with many tunes in his bellows..lol)), Cyril Abbott (da man on the uglystick who never misses a beat), and myself, MikeMadigan, who plays all the right chords!) aka “The Boys” this summer in WP or TR (Trout River).

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