The Dark Tickle Company is Homegrown Success!


The Dark Tickle Company, St. Lunaire-Griquet on the Great Northern Peninsula, NL offers homegrown wild berry products in the forms of jams, jellies, vinaigrette, syrups, sauces, tea, coffee and chocolate. These berries are picked by hand from a network of approximately one hundred local residents of the Great Northern Peninsula, Southern Labrador and Northern Quebec. One of two Economuseum’s in Newfoundland & Labrador, Dark Tickle is the place where wild berries are processed without any additives. This is the traditional way of our preserving our berries, ensuring only the highest quality and most delicious of tastes. Those visiting Dark Tickle can watch workers prepare the products before their very eyes, as they have a windowed production area. There are panels at their business, as well as information along their boardwalk walking tour. One can gain the full authentic wild berry experience at Dark Tickle.

“The Mission of the ÉCONOMUSÉE Network is to conserve, develop and present traditional trades in a distinctive manner, and to set-up a country-wide network in order to provide the public with a high quality cultural tourism product.” –


The company also have a tasting station creatively called, “The Berry Patch”. It is a nice place to sample the products or have a cup of their bakeapple or patridgeberry drink or a hot cup of their coffees or teas. I love their crowberry and lingonberry teas, but on occasion enjoy the berry infused bakeapple coffee. Their products are found in so many specialty shoppes and locations throughout the province. I’ve bought their products in various places locally and I’m so proud when I visit other communities and see this product, as I can boast that it is produced when I live. One can purchase products directly at

After seeing a downturn in the cod fishery and a moratorium, for a merchant in the fish business it was either close up shop, try to hang in or diversify. The Knudsen’s founded Dark Tickle, which was an early innovator of utilizing our natural wild berry resources to create unique quality products. It has been a homegrown success that has provided local jobs, maintained a year-round operation and promotes St. Lunaire-Griquet and the Great Northern Peninsula all over the world. This is an anchor attraction for promoting tradition, culture, heritage and our rural way of life.

I encourage visitors to drop by and visit this family-run enterprise. They have a wonderful gift shop that has incredible Newfoundland and Labrador artwork and gift ware. They are also home to the Granchain Exhibit, which is part of unique part of world history, highlighting the adventures of the French migratory fishery in St. Lunaire Bay and along the French Shore dating back to the early 1500’s.

Certainly the Great Northern Peninsula could be an opportunity for more Economuseums given the vast talents of artisans, craftspeople and those who continue our rich and vibrant tradition of producing from the land and sea. We have tangible and intangible cultural assets that must be mapped, a network built and proper marketing. The Great Northern Peninsula has many strong businesses and homegrown success stories, let’s continue to support our local businesses and create new ones!

I enjoyed a cup of their crowberry tea, while I scribed this article and recognize big things are happening in our small communities.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North

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