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  1. You ALMOST made it to Crouse, Chris!! But, then again, you didn’t want to pave that road when the road through town was paved. And when it was paved, you didn’t do it all…you only paved half of it…. Is Crouse still a part of Conche, or not??

    • I have been to Crouse and I’ve written about it in another blog posting (The Red Rooms of Crouse The photos were taken on the same day and I could easily have made it all one posting. You can click the link if you choose. Your statements are completely untrue with respect to the road and paving. I support local development and improved road infrastructure. I do not pave roads. I work with your Councils, all constituents and the Provincial Government to find solutions to problems that exists with the delivery of programs and services, including road allocations. If you would like to call my office to further discuss my number is 1-888-729-6091 or

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