Under the O – 75

Rural Newfoundland & Labrador thrives on vibrant social gatherings that happening each night of the week in community. In my little community of Green Island Cove on Monday’s women play darts, men play them on Tuesday. The Church Women host a card game on Wednesday night and Thursday’s are often shared between recreation and Lion’s meetings and Saturday’s are open for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other major community events.

Let’s not forget Friday, this is when Bingo is held! I attended the Annual Winter Carnival Bingo and it brought back memories of how in younger days all the youth of the community would get together on Friday night and play bingo. I know times have changed and young people don’t get to play Bingo anymore, but it really was something we all looked forward to hanging out with our friends, enjoying a bag of chips and had a hope of winning a few dollars.


I use to have a small bingo game and remember calling the bingo games at the local seniors home. I’ve even played the Lion’s Radio Kingo at times on Saturday evening. Today, I’m lucky if I get to play the game once a year. I still enjoy the relaxing nature of matching up numbers and the thrill of shouting out BINGO! There is something about it that tells me it was part of growing up and living rural.

So grab your blotters, head to the bingo halls and be ready to stamp under the O- 75!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA (The Straits-White Bay North)


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