Live Rural NL returns in 2021

I’m excited to announce the return of regular postings to

I started this blog, more than a decade ago, reaching a peak of nearly 300,000 annual views in 2015, with visitors from more than 170 unique countries around the world and a global total now that exceeds 1.3 million views. I had written more than 600 postings and really want to thank all of my dedicated followers over the years and those who continue to read the content and leave feedback. I didn’t realize when I started in June 2010 the significant interest that would be garnered from the blog posts about my Great Northern Peninsula home. However, the last decade has truly given me an incredible opportunity to visit every cove and bay in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as, gain much knowledge and appreciation for the place that is my home. I have a desire to continue to share experiences, promote our communities, culture and way of life, and have a passion to never stop exploring.

In 2011, I was elected to the provincial legislature and continued to post new content and maintain regular blog updates. However, in 2015, I was re-elected to office and appointed to the serve as a Minister in the Newfoundland and Labrador Government, in which I had to scale back my personal commitment to this blog and it has been more than two years since an update. During the Covid-19 global pandemic I continued to remain very busy working with a dedicated team to navigate and ensure continuity of Government programs and services. In August 2020, I announced I would not be seeking re-election after serving three terms in office and wished to pursue other interests outside public life. I continue to serve as a Member of the House of Assembly with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador until the election is held sometime this year. Since then I’ve also been using any personal time to pursue many interests that included more time with family, hiking, photography, cooking, mixology, reading, sketching and exploring the great outdoors. All of which, combined with my decade of past experiences will help to generate some exciting new content for LiveRuralNL.

I have reflected upon the year 2020, which was a significant turning point for me. It brought to light important personal relationships that needed more attention, heightened physical activity and desire for a career change. I achieved reaching the summit of Gros Morne Mountain (a long time personal goal that was always put on the backburner), completed all the trails of the Grand Concourse, hiked many sections of the East Coast Trail, completed sections of the T’Railway, checked off 80 trails, walks and lookouts in the District from River of Ponds and north on the Great Northern Peninsula and a number of places in between, logging more than 1,500 KMs. I’m looking forward to change and embracing the next mountain to climb, as I never plan to stop exploring.

It is a new year for all of us – let 2021 bring new beginnings. I’ve had an incredible honour and privilege over this past decade doing my best to serve the people of the Great Northern Peninsula and province of Newfoundland and Labrador as a provincial representative. As this chapter in life is closing, a new one is beginning and I look forward to being able to once again put a greater focus on writing and sharing more of the Great Northern Peninsula and Life in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador on my blog, LiveRuralNL that has brought me much joy over the past ten years and has been around the world many many times.

Everyone needs to experience our Great Northern Peninsula – Where the World Came Full Circle, at least once in their lifetime! I encourage everyone to come visit us on the Great Northern Peninsula when it is again safe to do so! Until then, begin making your plans and check back regularly for new postings.

From the beginning until now, it truly has been an incredible journey. And, the best is yet to come!

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA District of St. Barbe-L’anse aux Meadows #NeverStopExploring


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    > Live Rural NL posted: ” I’m excited to announce the return of regular > postings to I started this blog, more than > a decade ago, reaching a peak of nearly 300,000 annual views in 2015, with > visitors from more than 170 unique countries around t” >

  2. Yay! I look forward to regular posts again! I still refer to your posts about your nans good cooking and her garden. Old ways that you’ve preserved on your blog for all to remember and also learn.

    Congratulations on all of your achievements during your absence from blogging.

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