Paradise at Salmon Cove Sands & Trail of the Eagle

Salmon Cove Sands

A summer time getaway doesn’t always have to be to the sunny south. We’ve found during Covid-19 times new loves from some of our local gems. Salmon Cove sands is one of those remarkable beaches just over an hour from St. John’s to Conception Bay North area.

The local development committee has a lot of infrastructure in place for everyone to enjoy from ample parking, washroom and change room facilities, seating areas, retail/concessions and also a lovely trail called the Trail of the Eagles.

An ideal location to spend the day with friends or family on this beautiful Sandy beach. On my most recent visit a group of seniors were touring via a bus and stopping for ice-cream. It was expected to be quite calm, as most people are not heading to the beach, mid-week during late September. There was one little one there with mom, making their first of many sand castles and a couple of dog walkers. My attraction to this place today was the trail I had not trekked. It was signed and a stairway would lead up the hill. It’s about 1.3 KM return, so not a long hike at all. At the top there is a sign to leave your trash in Oscar.

It is nice to see the focus on keeping our areas nice and clean. We all benefit from litter free communities. The trail had several signs and pathways and offered views of the cliffs and shoreline as well as Conception Bay.

If you like the beach or you want to explore a little more or both, Salmon Cove Sands will be the place to visit in 2022!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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