A Day on the Farm – Roddickton, NL

 The Farm is a special place in the Town of Roddickton that has a strong connection to Dr. Grenfell and the important work of the International Grenfell Association (IGA) that dates back to circa 1915 and was another initiative to improve the health and economic status in the region.

The family name Adams is a common one in the community. It was Kenneth Adams, that came at the request of Dr. Grenfell to establish a farm in the Canada Bay area, after several successful attempts in St. Anthony. The Adams family operated a farm until about 1930, but the remnants of the old well remains even today.

During World War II the Canadian Forces established a radar site at The Farm and was abandoned after the war. Today, the Farm is a beloved community park with so much potential for further development of green space and other economic opportunities. The Farm is truly a gem in this community for gathering and enjoying the great outdoors.

This summer, I trekked the 5 km loop trail that offers a spectacular nature walk where one can experience wildlife, a cool ocean breeze and a fantastic view of the mountains known as The Pinnacle. Here are some photos! I even saw a fox but didn’t capture the beautiful animal with a photo.

The first farm established by Kenneth Adams may have been started over 100 years ago. It proved that such agricultural activities were possible and many others have established their own gardens, greenhouses, ranching or other farm activity in the region. There is so much more potential for increased agriculture on our Great Northern Peninsula, especially in Roddickton.

If you have never taken the time to enjoy the Farm, its incredible surroundings and the important place in history on the Great Northern Peninsula East and its development, I encourage you to do so! The 5 KM walk is just impressive!

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Live Rural NL,

Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. That’s a very nice tribute to the beginnings of Roddickton , Canada Bay through the few settlers who resided there a hundred years ago . I have heard citizens of the day ask questions pertaining to the FARM …like why that area became known as the FARM ? What did that WAR TIME group really do there ? There certainly needs to be promotion of the area with its beauty and its reason for existing to this day . Thank you, Christopher , for your lovely article .

  2. Brings back fond memories of my childhood. Thank you for highlighting this magical place. great pictures!

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