Find Your Winter Love via Snowshoeing

December 26th may have brought unusually warm temperatures that resulted in building a sandcastle, going for a run in a t-shirt and the ability to have s’mores over a backyard fire, but a few weeks later all that would change and over a couple of days the Great Northern Peninsula would be hit with instant winter. We have reached a point of no return, so it is just as well for all of us to embrace it!

Winter brings robust recreational activity, where residents flock to their cabins, enjoy a ride on snowmobile or ice fish when it is safe to do so. It is wonderful though to see so many residents really embrace winter. Parents and children are taking back to skating on ponds more than ever before. The outdoor hockey game is back! It brings back so many childhood memories of playing on Louie’s Pond in Green Island Cove. It’s also exciting to see Jackrabbits and many adults taking to the trails and go cross country skiing.

Canadians more than ever are embracing the great outdoors and enjoying nature, likely as they cope with stress related to Covid-19. I know I’m joining many in taking up snowshoeing on a regular basis. I’ve been as active in January as I have been in June by regularly walking and finding new ways to get exercise to ensure my month would have more than 200 KM of trekking.

I feel quite blessed to be able to strap on my snowshoes and walk across the road (Route 430- Viking Trail) from my home and immediately be surrounded by beautiful nature.

Rural life presents many incredible recreation and outdoor opportunities. Find your love and enjoy what the great outdoors can offer you.

I always take my camera to capture my surroundings. There were a number of moose and rabbit tracks in the snow, but I didn’t get to view any wildlife on my 7 KM trek to the Gap Steady. This path is clearly marked and very easy to navigate.

I’m looking forward to many more winter snowshoeing adventures. If I make it to the East Coast, I’ll definitely trek to the Spout on the East Coast Trail.

Share you favourite rural snowshoeing treks in the comments below.

Live Rural NL –

Christoper Mitchelmore


  1. Had a great 3 hr. trek this morning with two wonderful lady friends! We trekked towards Fox Head and took the trail that leads all the way to Shoal Point. We encountered many beautiful sites along the way; Conche LookOut, Big Cove LookOut, Wild Cove Pond( that brought wonderful memories of skating after school), Big Marsh and finally Shoal Point. We stood on the Gaze and did what our ancestors did many times over; scan the ocean for saltwater ducks! We didn’t see any but we did see the raging sea albeit its beautiful colours.
    We saw many signs of wildlife; moose, fox, partridge, sea otter, and rabbit. A most enjoyable morning!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure! The Great Outdoors is refreshing and great for the heart, mind and soul! We are blessed to have such beauty in our own backyard!

    1. Thank you Mary for sharing this detailed post of your snowshoeing experiences in Conche. It sounds like paradise! Enjoy snowshoeing on these nice winter days. I may have to go for a trek there myself this winter!

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