Sleeping Dragon Lives at Crow Head, Port Saunders, NL

Crow Head Walking Trail in Port Saunders is a 2.9 KM loop that gives you views of Keppel Island, a fascinating balancing rock, a sleeping dragon, windswept forests and so much more. A lovely trek on the Great Northern Peninsula. It’s even appreciated by the locals.

The Town of Port Saunders is the Government Service Centre for the central portion of the Great Northern Peninsula, with a host of Government offices, programs and services available to the public. It is also home to a very important and dominant fishing industry, which supports the small business community to create a very strong community. The Town has recently been focusing on diversifying to promote and establish more tourism assets, given they have Keppel Island and multiple walking trails. The Crow Head Walking trail is a natural beauty and one you will want to visit when in the area on the Great Northern Peninsula.

Take the Port Saunders and Port au Choix route off the Viking Trail (Route 430). The Town of Port Saunders is 4 KM drive and take a left and travel Main Street. As you drive Main Street the road will fork and you turn left and drive to the end of the road where there is a parking and signage to begin the trail. You will also catch your first glimpse of Keppel Island.

As a resident of the Great Northern Peninsula, I never tire of the adventure and pure beauty that exists all around my home. There are beautiful windswept forests, ocean views, flowers, berries, unique rocks and coastlines that just stimulate the mind and want you to keep coming back for a swim, a picnic, a boat ride, a beach fire or just to experience in all weather days and in different seasons. Another impressive feature on this trail is the “Balancing Rock”.

It is really interesting to see a rock of this stature that is just hanging on the edge of the cliffs. One would think with all the wind that a rock such as that would topple to the ground. It is definitely a nice addition when walking this trail. There are also viewing areas, and several stairs.

Keppel Island is also a unique opportunity and the Town of Port Saunders has made several attempts to sell it for private sector development to further create jobs in the local economy. I know one thing for sure, I’m looking forward to future visits.

Get out and explore more of our Great Northern Peninsula. Crow Head Walking trail and that Sleeping Dragon is a must visit as part of your destination.

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