Trailblazing at Fishing Point, St. Anthony, NL

Fishing Point Municipal Park is a destination for all who visit or even live in St. Anthony. The winding road up the hill will remind you of taking the route to Signal Hill in St. John’s, NL. Looking back gives you panoramic views of the community, beauty that surrounds the harbour and Fishing Point Cove as boat tours, fishing board and shipping containers create a buzz of activity. The lighthouse is active and the foghorn sounds, with icebergs, whales and viewing areas for you to enjoy it all.

Enjoying the view of an iceberg on Tony’s Bench

Not to mention Fishing Point Emporium, Lightkeepers Seafood Restaurant and the only sod hut restaurant in North America, home of the Great Viking Feast! These are all gems to enjoy when on Fishing Point!

The community and economic partner St. Anthony Basin Resources Inc. (SABRI) established an interconnected network of trails on this point:

  • Cartier’s Trail
  • Whale Watcher’s Trail
  • Santana Trail
  • Iceberg Alley Trail

The trails listed above total about 2 KM, as well, Santana Trail will take you to Daredevil Trail which begins at the bottom of 476 steps to the top of the hill where you can enjoy more panoramic views. I believe there are plans to better connect this trail to the American Base and Tea House Hill Trail as well for the more avid hiker.

Cartier’s View Trail (300 metres) and rated moderate that takes you to a lookout and provides some spectacular views of the harbour. In 1534, Explorer Jacques Cartier named the area “St. Anthony Haven”. Given the area is a strategic location to rich fishing grounds and a protected harbour, this makes logical sense. The community later became known as St. Anthony. One local business “The Haven Inn”, St. Anthony also is home to Cartier’s Dining Room, pays homage to one of the early European explorers to the area.

Iceberg Alley Trail (300 meters) connects into Cartier’s View Trail and will take you along the coastline to the light beacon with a viewing area. Along the way you will often pass by giant icebergs, experience marine life and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. You can also begin from the main parking lot this trail.

Whale Watchers Trail (300 metres) can be found at the edge of the upper parking lot and taking the small pathway behind the Fishing Point Emporium to a lookout. A series of boardwalks and short stairways will give you great views along the Atlantic Ocean. You can loop back to the main highway to end up near Cartier’s View Trail parking or continue along Fishing Point Cove on Santana Trail for more Coastal views, berries, lookouts and more. A large number of whales and porpoises come to the waters adjacent to St. Anthony every year. I have been so pleased to take the Northland Discovery boat tours and see Orcas, Minke, Humpback and even Beluga whales, icebergs up close, a variety of sea life and experience some local lore. Fishing Point is a gem!

Santana Trail (1 KM return) has a dedicated parking lot to the right when entering Fishing Point near the cemetery and the trail will take you to Fishing Point Cove and a lookout, benches for resting and enjoying the views. There’s also lots of berries present in this area. It’s easy to fall in love with the beauty of this place. The trail is named in honour of an American who served at the USAF Radar Site in St. Anthony in the 1950s. In 1957, Santana lost his life while saving two young women in St. Anthony off these very waters. It is a reminder as to how unforgiving the sea can be at times.

Whether you are a local or visitor, a trip to Fishing Point is good for the mind, body and soul. Enjoy some of the new seating and truly take it all in!

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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