New Experiences At Grenfell Historic Properties

The Grenfell Interpretation Centre

Sir Dr. Wilfred Grenfell was a medical missionary, originally from England. He arrived in Northern Newfoundland in 1892. His work established an International Association that would focus on health care, education, economic and social development on the Great Northern Peninsula and Labrador. One can learn more in St. Anthony, NL at the Grenfell Historic Properties.

The Grenfell Interpretation Centre interprets the life and times of Sir Dr. Wildred Grenfell and his impact on Northern Newfoundland and Labrador. A new exhibition will be launched this summer, entitled, “Adrift on an Ice Pan”. At this property one can enjoy time at the Lady Grenfell Tea Room and the Grenfell Heritage Shoppe. Adjacent is Grenfell Park, home to an accessible playground and the Grenfell dock, which offers scenic boat tours of whales and icebergs. A visit to the Grenfell House Museum is filled with artifacts from the days of which Sir Dr. & Lady Grenfell lived at this iconic St. Anthony home. A walk to Tea House Hill will take you to a scenic lookout of St. Anthony and the resting place of Sir Dr. & Lady Grenfell. The Grenfell Historic Properties has a number of programs, tours and special events throughout the season.


  • The Grenfell Interpretation Centre interprets the life and times of Dr. Wilfred Grenfell through a gallery of interpretive paneling and displays.
  • The Grenfell House Museum is the castle on the hill that was the home to Dr. Grenfell and Lady Grenfell, built between 1909 and 1910.
  • The Jordi Bonet Murals are a true gift to the people of the North, exhibited for all to see at the rotunda of the Charles Curtis Memorial Hospital, St. Anthony
  • The Grenfell Handicrafts Store sells locally produced textiles, including the Grenfell jackets, hooked rugs, embroidery. It also supports local artisans and crafters.



The Grenfell Heritage Shoppe continues the legacy of Grenfell Handicrafts of producing locally made textiles, such as the Grenfell jackets, hooked rugs, embroidery. The shop also supports local artists and craft producers with a collection of carvings, jewelry, sealskin products, quilts, books, fabrics and other products. Your purchases help local producers and have the organization continue the Grenfell Legacy.

Adults:$10.00(ages 19 – 59)
Seniors:$8.00(ages 60 & up)
Families:  $22.00(2 adults | children under 12)
Youth:$3.00(ages 5 – 18 )
Groups:$9.00(Min 8 people)
15% HST tax applied to prices
  • Monday-Friday 8am to 5 pm

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