Treena’s Trail a Treasure Waiting to be Discovered at Ship Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula

After viewing Album Rock in Ship Cove on the Great Northern Peninsula you will definitely discover a treasure as you trek around the community and make your way to Cape Onion along the shoreline and back again. It’s more than a 7 KM hike that would be rated moderate.

The trail begins down a stairway to the beach. We watched people handpicking wild mussels. They are delicious and brought back my own memories of collecting mussels at low tide for a delicious meal.

Walking the shoreline you pass local gardens and get views of wharves, woodpiles, flowers and make your way to the pavement as you walk along the community and see the residential houses. I miss the local miniatures of Cape Bauld that were placed in the community and many people got their photos taken on site. At the end of the road you will elevate to where the cemetery is and get a good view of Cape Onion.

You will make your way down to the community with a population of just two and the location of the former Tickle Inn. A walk along the path will take you eventually to higher ground and you will get beautiful views as you make your way to the flag staff.

Here are some of my captures along the way:

Make your way up the Viking Trail Highway (Route 430) then take Route 437 to Raleigh and turn at the Town Hall for a 9 KM drive to Ship Cove. There is also the Nuddick Trail along the way. In Raleigh you will want to spend some time at Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve. There is lots to see and do in the area and great places to stay too. Plan your adventure today.

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