Spectacular Snaps Along Squid Jigging Point Trail, Noddy Bay

Squid Jigging Point Trail, Noddy Bay on the Great Northern Peninsula is a 2.1 KM loop that takes you to a viewing area. It is a quite scenic offering views Straitsview and Noddy Bay at the top. It rained on my way down so it was good I had a change of clothes in the car. It’s always good to have the right type of footwear and a change of clothes if the weather takes a turn when hiking.

You can begin at the end of the road in Noddy Bay, it would be the turn off just prior to the fire hall in Straitsview. A nice walk along the shoreline gives you some beautiful coastal views before you begin your climb to the top. At the top of the hill there is a viewing point. It is great to see fishing boats, whales, icebergs and many other activities from below. An interpretative panel also says, “Berry Time”, so this must also be a place local residents come to get their wildberries to make jams, jellies and other goodies from our sweet natural wonders.

Enjoy your time in Noddy Bay and all the community has to offer. You may want to check out The Hut, which is a souvenir shop on Route 436 in the community. There is lots to see, do and explore on your route to Vinland.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. This trail starts at the beginning of my grandmother’s property. It has always been a childhood favourite trail of mine, when visiting. So many memories formed along that trail and the wooded areas around.

    Thanks for providing a great blog post about it. 🙂 Makes me miss the trail and home!

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