Begin the Iceberg Trail at Leif the Lucky

Leif the Lucky Statue at L’anse aux Meadows

A towering ten foot bronze statue of Leif Ericson facing north-west is located on the wharf harbour front L’Anse aux Meadows, 50 meters from the Norstead Village. This famous Norseman is the first figure visitors arriving by cruise ship will see when entering L’anse aux Meadows.

Drive to the end of route 436 and turn right. This is a popular photo opportunity to have your picture taking by this famous Norseman. The Monument was erected on July 28th, 2013 and donated by The Leif Ericson foundation of Seattle, Washington. We also recognize the partnership with SABRI for working collaboratively with all involved.

The statue is also the beginning of the multi-day Iceberg Trail, that is 31.5 kilometres in length, which begins here and follows the coastline to connect with Norstead Viking Village and then Round Head (Lacey’s Trail) and onward to St. Lunaire-Griquet to finish up at the Dark Tickle Shop for unique mix of wild Berry treats.

Another attraction and starting point for various destination trails on the Great Northern Peninsula.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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