Hiking Gros Morne Mountain with my Mother

My mother has taken a keen interest into hiking and this summer we have been fortunate enough to travel and trek dozens of trails together, but Gros Morne Mountain will definitely be one for the memory books!

At the trailhead to Gros Morne Mountain

An early start to the day is key to enjoying the walk into the base, as you can avail of cooler temperatures before the sun reaches its peak. Last year they were still working on the new trail entry and it was quite a challenge. The new trail design is well put together, very wide and accessible. It is mostly uphill and slight incline for what seemed to be 5.5 KM to the base of the mountain despite the sign saying 4 KM to the parking lot.

There is a lovely mixed forest, a water fall, river, mushrooms, some erratics and lots to capture the mind as you get views of the Tablelands and Gros Morne Mountain.

A reflection of the mountain

I’ve trekked the mountain last year for the first time, but we didn’t have optimal weather with lots of haze and morning fog. We had a later departure last year and it was quite hard to go up the face of the mountain. This year, I was well prepared. Not only with ideal weather conditions but lots of pre-hiking trips and proper hiking boots made for an easier climb.

It is not to be underestimated as weather conditions can change rapidly, so it is always best to pack layers. Take breaks as needed and enjoy the view looking back. You will see the Tablelands and your progress. Once at the top, the yellow arrows will direct you to the summit!

Mom was pretty ecstatic to reach the top. Definitely a check mark on one of her bucket list items. I was too, because this year it was just picture perfect all round. We also enjoyed chatting to others along the way and continued on for more picture perfect views around the mountain.

The Mountain is a true gem in our Provincial Crown that is Gros Morne National Park. How can you not love these breathtaking views and make let memories with those you take the journey with?

I loved the views at the top and can’t wait to overnight and do Western Brook Gorge for the perfect photo at sunrise. Lots of people were resting here to enjoy the views. We opted to have our lunch and take some time to truly enjoy it too!

The trek down the hill, some say is more difficult as there is pressure on the knees going down. It also offers views of waterfalls, ponds, hills, rivers and just pure natural beauty. A small plane flew overhead and again we had lots of pleasant encounters with other hikers as they too trekked down the hill.

As we hiked back the new path, passed the bridge and eventually to a full parking lot we had complete satisfaction of knowing we accomplished something big that day! 21.4 KM and nearly 29,000 steps (despite the sign saying 16 KM return) – but no, we tackled a mountain – Gros Morne Mountain! A memory together for mom and I, knowing we did this one together.

Plan your hiking excursion and enjoy all that beautiful Gros Morne National Park has to offer.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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