Start Planning Your Road Trip as The Road to Conche is Fully Paved!

Conche is a Destination Town!

The residents of Conche have always known that the key to improving their economic future was improved transportation and advanced telecommunications infrastructure. When I first campaigned to be the communities representative on a provincial scale in 2011, I heard very clearly the need for the 17.4 KM road to be paved (maybe the Department of Transportation will eventually update the sign as it isn’t 26 KM to the community).

Conche is truly a destination town on the Great Northern Peninsula where one much detour on Route 434 just prior to Roddickton. The community is at the heart of the French Shore and famous for its 222 foot tapestry on Jacobean linen. A one of a kind masterpiece in North America that was crafted by local women!

Commission Your Own Art Pieces with the French Shore Interpretation Center

Conche also has a vibrant fishing community and an active fish plant that is a large employer for the Great Northern Peninsula East.

The leaves changing colours in Conche

Many petitions were put into place and calls for action while I served in Opposition in the Legislature. After forming Government in November 2015, a commitment was made shortly thereafter with the roads plan which saw upgrading to the route and planned paving over 3 years. Last year, the paving was tendered and should have been complete but it was deferred due to Covid-19 and delays to this construction season and the beautiful blacktop is complete, lines and all! I had the pleasure visiting with my former constituency assistant, as I retired too from politics earlier this year. We were quite ecstatic as we worked very hard on this invaluable piece of infrastructure.

Route 434 – Conche Road is fully paved!

There are many people to thank from former Mayors, Councillors, Residents of Conche, former Ministers and many others who played a role.

When I received a letter from a Grade 4 Class from White Hills, St. Anthony, I placed it on my wall across from my desk. It stayed there for more than 5 years, when it came down, the goal was achieved.

The White Hills Academy Grade 4 Class

It’s important to stay focused, collaborate and work hard to get the job done! It’s a vital piece of infrastructure that can be a game changer for the community, just like the approved cellular service that was achieved before I left office. One thing I’ve always championed to see our communities stronger is finding a means to invest in advancing transportation and telecommunications infrastructure. Communities like Conche and many others in the region as better off because of investments in roads, ports, wharves, airports, ferries and in internet and cellular services.

Pavement passes along the Red Rooms of Crouse

Be sure to come to Conche to experience the French Shore Interpetation Centre, numerous hiking trails, a World War II plane crash site, archaeological sites, waterfalls, and an experience known as Moratorium Children.

Beyond Your Backyard: French Shore Interpretation Centre

The ride will definitely be nice and smooth as you roll down Sailer Jack’s Hill and fall in love with “The Beauty Spot of the North”!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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