Kayaking and Glamping on the Humber River a True Highlight of Summer

Kayaking on the Humber River

Earlier this year, I started watching several episodes of CBC’s Land & Sea. One of the episodes highlighted, Ashley Hann of Riverside Farms. This young female entrepreneur, who worked with her uncle to establish a farm along the Humber River near Hampton was truly captivating. We need more of her with a desire to create and grow our rural regions.

I recalled that Ashley had attended a Hospitality Conference and reached out to me as a Tourism Minister and later as an MHA, that I should visit her new business offering that included glamping and kayaking. I sent her a message earlier this year and asked if she had accommodations and she noted she was virtually booked for summer. In August, I reached back out and she confirmed a last minute cancellation. I was quite excited! She even convinced me to book a sunset kayak (a first for me).

Earlier in the day I trekked the top of the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park. It was a pretty surreal experience. Little did I know that when I turned on Route 420 at the Hampton Junction that I would traverse a gravel road and lose cell phone connectivity and just truly fall in love with this perfect getaway. A place everyone should visit that will be good for mind, body and soul.

Humber River Off Grid Tours

I stopped along the road to take photos and was quite eager to arrive so I could settle in for relaxation and some adventure.

My Glamping Experience

My accommodations had everything I needed – from a wood stove, to a comfy bed, barbecue, propane stove, fire pit and views that just can’t be matched.

I love being on the water. I’ve been sailing, canoeing, rowing, in a rubber dinghy, and have always desired to kayak. It was on my list to do in the Yukon and again in St. Lunaire-Griquet. The sunset tour with Ashley and her guests were well worth the wait! The photos speak for themselves.

Kayaking at Humber Off-Grid Tours

Ashley does tours throughout the day, they can include a boil-up and one doesn’t have to stay at her accommodations to avail of the tours. She did state her sunset tours were her favourite.

Kayaking at Sunset

There was absolute serenity at sunset. Just pure magic on the river! Ashley was an exceptional tour guide, as she made everyone feel really comfortable in their kayaks (especially a novice like me) and also captured the moments with her photography skills. She is truly a one woman show and deserves many accolades for the unique business she has created in this breathtaking place. I felt very connected with nature and knew that this place along the river was truly special. A place, I had only been a few hours, but could not wait to return.

Ashley’s uncle invited me to his home for a visit. I was quite honoured to have had the opportunity to meet him and Ashley at Riverside. My only wish is that I didn’t have to get up extra early in the morning and drive to Springdale and that I could have availed more time of such a beautiful night under the stars.

I did sit outside near the fire pit and enjoyed a beer that was provided by Rough Waters Brewing – a craft brewery in Deer Lake. Their product is amazing!

The partnerships, promotion and outreach work. Small business owners working together can only keep building better opportunities for everyone.

Saying Good-Bye

It was hard to leave this tranquil place. I stopped several times to capture more of the natural beauty of this place.

Going off-grid at Humber River with Ashley is well-worth the experience and could be your big highlight to summer. It’s never to early to start planning and booking your glamping experience and kayaking tours https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/25096164 or contact Ashley Hann via telephone 709-636-2105.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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