Little Lawn Beach – A Treasure Known by Locals of the Burin Peninsula

Little Lawn Beach

The pebble beach at Little Lawn is truly a hidden gem, nestled between St. Lawrence and Lawn on the Burin Peninsula. You can pull-off and take the old road, which looks more like an ATV trail off route 420 between the communities. The gravel road is a long one, but the unique hidden gem is well worth of several kilometres of walking.

A long and winding road

The landscape doesn’t offer man trees, but there were a couple of wood piles, rivers and bridges and finally ocean views that take you to the beach.

The beach was truly an experience with the very uniquely coloured rocks.

You will want to spend some time on this beach, enjoying the beauty of this place. You can walk along the headland for a discovery berries, a memorial site of fishers lost at sea and a natural sea arch.

The Arch

A place well-worth discovering, but truly a locals know. You can continue your journey ro Lawn or return back to your vehicle parked near Route 220 via the way you came. A return journey is about 7 KM.

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Christopher Mitchelmore


  1. Beautiful beach .
    This beach brings back so many years of memories . Long days swimming and nights with bon fires and friends under a star lite sky.

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