Spectacular Views of the Tablelands at Trout River Pond

What a View from Trout River Pond

Early this year, my mom and I had a fabulous weekend in Trout River! It is a paradise for hiking and walking adventures. One of the highlights was Trout River Pond, which is 14 KM return.

From Trout River road turn left on Main Street and follow the signs to Trout River Pond and day use area and not the campground.

The first several kilometres are forested and can be quite muddy. There are beautiful views of Elephant Head and the nature views as you cross a small river, where the terrain changes.

After as pass the river the terrain changes and you see more rock, gain views of the barachois,

Elephant Head

We stopped several times to enjoy the views, we even saw a couple of caribou in the distance as we worked our way behind the Tablelands to the famous red chairs that are synonymous with Parks Canada viewpoints.

The pathway is marked by stones to follow and reduce ones footprint. You can look around and gain views from behind the Tablelands, which gives you a much different perspective.

Dress appropriately for change in temperatures. This is a wonderful hike. Mom and I felt very accomplished after this trek.

Make memories today while you can! Get out and explore rural Newfoundland and Labrador!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


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