St. Mary’s Queen’s Battery Park to Gaskiers Trail (Part 1)

Views from the Trail

The 16.1 KM trail return begins at St. Mary’s Battery Park and goes all the way to Gaskiers.

St. Mary’s Queen’s Battery Park

This designated site of historical significance was first established in 1779 and protected the harbour until 1815. The trail begins just from the park as you hug the shoreline down an old gravel road.

There’s a photo as you take every step, from the breathtaking beaches, rocky shorelines, windswept forests and the barren lands that likely produce a few berries in season.

There’s a lot to love taking these little traditional footpaths. A sense of tranquility fills the air as your surroundings are calm and serene. The gentle touch of the ocean to the rocks below, creates that perfect atmosphere, where you want to stop and take it all in, while another desire presses you to explore further.

The beaches, the berries, the barren land all lead you to the Gulch and the lighthouse in Point LaHaye

We stopped at this location for lunch as there is seating and some storyboards to learn more about the region. Next we would make our way to the beach and on to Gaskiers!

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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